Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One happy woman and man

A little good news to start off the day, taken from The Star.

This is one happy woman


SHAH ALAM: Jessie Chung is a femme fatale. She has a sexy figure and is attractive.

But, the most striking quality about her is that she was man enough to be a woman. And she is getting married in November.

Chung was born Jeffrey more than 30 years ago into a wealthy family in Kuching.

Growing up a tormented man, Chung once even contemplated suicide.

“At that point, I heard a voice telling me not to kill myself. Two weeks later, I was in a mall and was approached by a missionary group telling me life was precious.”

Armed with renewed strength, she began to sing for charity and immersed herself in church work. To date, she has raised about RM500,000 for orphanages, single mothers and other worthy organisations.

Two years ago, she decided to complete the “transformation.” She underwent three major operations to become a woman.

“It was scary and I recall asking myself if this was really what I wanted,” said Chung.

Too afraid to tell her parents face to face that they would be losing a son but gaining a daughter, Chung chose to break the news by phone.

“My father, strangely, was calm about it. My parents are amazing. I truly appreciate them for their understanding. Life is beautiful at the moment,” said Chung.

But not everyone is so supportive. At her engagement party in September last year, a former classmate said that what she had done was against nature and sinful.

“I am sorry if she finds me offensive, but I am not sorry for being honest with myself. I cannot live a life which is a lie. I did not ask to be born this way.

“All I want is, to do good in life and find some happiness,” said Chung.

Thankfully, the report was not written in a sensational style to garner attention.

Though the same can't be said of the print version.

The report appeared on page four, under Nation. On the front page however, a picture of a man is shown, next to the words "Man enough to be a woman".

To be fair, the Star does report about marriages. Especially if there is something different about the marriage or the events or courtship leading to matrimony.

I still remember the report about the bridegroom who jogged 8 kilometers to his wife-to-be's house to pick her up.

The way I see it, this piece of news is honest, non-judgmental and positive. Her good and generous side was described, showing her as someone who cares for society and actually does something about it.

Although admittedly, there seems to be a shade of sympathy-eliciting sentiment towards the end.

It would have been fascinating if the reporter digged deeper and provided more information about how she returned from the brink of suicide and her charity work.

I believe the details would have been interesting and could serve as an inspiration.

Still, it is good publicity, to show society that everyone of us, no matter what, is part of the human race, with a innate need for love and companionship.

On a similar note, I have some good news of my own.

The results for the August paper I sat for was released yesterday.

And I passed! Yay!

However, I am not popping the champagne yet, as I will be sitting for another paper next month, on the 7th. That is the big kahuna.

The one that I passed - that was a small paper.

So I was thinking I will celebrate both simultaneously, assuming of course that I pass November's paper too. *cross fingers*

As I type this, I am listening to the James Blunt CD. His songs are beginning to grow on me. ;P


wingedman said...

Congrats on passing! To answer your q, I was pretty busy the past few weeks with work, and yes I'm back in KL. For now at least.

Derek said...

Thanks, Will dear.

Seems like you had a great time in Singapore, shopping and more shopping. ;P

canardbidon said...

congrats! exams suck, but take heart - all shall be over soon!!

james blunt is cool - i wonder how he looks like tho - cute?

Legolas said...

Everybody is saying it, but I still have to repeat it: Congratulations!

About Jessie Chung, Sin Chew had covered her story a few months back, whole page with colours, and for a few days, and she had been invited to the Astro AEC Channel show "A Journey with Jason" too. She's really brave and determined.

And good luck with your coming exam! :)

suanie said...


And I like the way the article was written. Most people never realise that angles make all the difference; didn't have to attend a journalism class to learn that but I did :x

Holden said...

Hey man, congratulations! And good luck with the next one!

James Blunt, my husband, is cool and cute! :P

Derek said...

canarbidon: Thanks, dear.

But it won't be over for at least another three years. ;P

legolas: Thank you very much. ;P

And thanks for the update too about Jessie Chung. You know lar, can't read Chinese.

suanie: Thanks.

Hmm, let me guess. Were you in NST's Writer's Block?

holden: Thanks, darling.

And I love your hubby's songs very much. LOL

keatix said...

great, i knew u'd pass! good luck on the preceding ones.


Derek said...

Thanks keatix. Glad to know that you have so much faith in me passing. ;P

Belanja ar? Drop me an email and we'll see how ...