Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pretty pics

The beds with clean white sheets

The bathroom, spick-and-span

This was my room and the bathroom. I had an excellent view of the sea. The girls however, weren’t so lucky because theirs were on the other side of the building.

The reason, if I am not wrong, was that the rooms with a seaside view have two single beds and rooms which face the road have a single queen size bed.

Room with an excellent view

Clearly, it was implied that girls can share a same bed but guys can’t. I am not sure from whom this idea came from or why the sudden sensitivity to guys’ needs, but it does smack of sexism and unfairness.

And I blame it on the irrational notion of masculinity and all its related insecurities.

My room mate wanted to catch the sun rise and I was awaken by his alarm at six. Sigh, another early Sunday morning.

I knew I won’t be able to go back to sleep again – even though I slept at two – so I may as well make use of the time and watch the sun rise as well.

I went down to the beach and I took about fifty pictures. These are the better ones.

Taken at 7.11 am

Taken at 7.20 am

Taken at 7.23 am

Taken at 7.30 am

The last picture was me trying to be a bit arty. Heh.

I realised there was an opportunity to capture a picture with three suns – one in the sky, another reflected in the sea and one more in the swimming pool.

The swimming pool looks like this actually.

The swimming pool

Hope you like the pictures. And I also hope they will get weeshiong even more excited to go for his beach trip.


wingedman said...

The rooms facing the road also have double beds. Trust me.

ShaolinTiger said...

Some nice pics, we almost shoot in the same style ;)

Shigeki said...

They are so resort feeling photos. How nice. :-) Though you can't share a bed with a guy? what the fudge?

Espion said...

So u wished u had the queen-sized bed instead? u really want to share a bed with your room-mate? :-)

Your artsy pic is not a bad idea, maybe need more practice to execute the idea correctly - like controlling the overexposure of the sun. But you have potential to be a good photographer. :-)

keatix said...

i view your arty attempt in another angle.....the 730am shot, pretty much translates as a dog(left) barking/talking to an old lion(right).

nice shots really, xcept the last one.....

Jay said...

Very nice pics. Next time take some of half naked beach boys.

Legolas said...

That's the Hyatt Resort? I think I could use some vacation now.... Very nice pictures, I love them!

Derek said...

wingedman: Ok, I may be wrong then. I’ll take your word since you go there very often.

But the five girls that I am close with, none of them got double beds.

shaolintiger: Welcome, shaolintiger. Very Asian Chinese name you have there, for a Brit. ;P

Glad you like them.

And your blog has way too many food pictures. Tempting, yet nice!

shigeki: Yeah, no sharing of bed. Straight guys are like that.

Not that I mind not sharing, since my room mate is er ... extremely straight.

espion: Not really and no.

Thanks for the compliments. I know I need more practice though.

keatix: Yeah, I know. The roof looks like a dog. LOL.

I agree the last pic doesn’t look that nice, but I wanted to show what the pool looks like.

Thanks for the compliments and comments. ;P

jay: Aww, Jay honey. I thought you would have known by now I don’t think those kind of pics.

Even if I did, it’s for my eyes only. ;P

But honestly, there are almost no cute guys in Kuantan! Must have all migrated to KL or somewhere.

legolas: Yes, it's the Hyatt.

You should go some time. Absolutely fantastic!

And I am glad you love the pics.

Holden said...

Hey now! You're talking about my hometown there! What, I ain't cute enuff fer ya? :P

Did you go to Kuantan Megamall? Or Kuantan Parade? Or Kuantan Plaza? Mostly the cute ones all lepak inside these air-conditioned buildings... believe me, I know, hehehe...

AJ said...

Once I was supposed to share a room with this guy but when I opened the door to find two single beds combined together, I HAD To call room service to seperate them... Not becos I don't like sleeping with men but he snores....

See gay men like seperate beds too!

savante said...

God, a holiday! And it looks lovely.. I am so envious.

And why does everyone have a digital camera? Damn, I must get one.


Derek said...

holden: I went to Kuantan Megamall. Nope, no cuties there.

All the cute ones like yourself have migrated to KL mar. ;P

AJ: I wonder if you would have done the same thing if he was cute and doesn't snore? Heh ....

paul: But you have just gone to PD. Looks like you are niggling to go somewhere again.

Yes, you should get a digital camera. They are useful not only in taking pretty pics like these, if you get what I mean. *wink*

asmadi said...

Seeing these pix reminds me I need to go on a holiday, somewhere, anywhere with a beach.

I miss the beach.

p/s thanks for the linkie derek.and of course, i so don't mind :D

Derek said...

asmadi: Go, just go.

You seem to need it, judging from your blog ;P