Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Movie and dinner

Haven’t been updating for three days. Three days! That’s so unlike me. ;P

Let’s do a brief recap.

I went out for a movie date. It has been ages quite some time since I have gone for one.

We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The movie was so chocolatey that one can get fat just watching it. There were chocolate in almost every scene!

But still it was good. It appealed to the child in me. Bright colours, marvelous inventions – chocolate television, “whipped” cream, cute squirrels, come-uppance to those spoilt brats, a heart-warming and happy ending.

Johnny Depp was brilliant as usual, though a bit freaky. Fair, almost-white skin, somewhat squeaky voice, funny hairdo, frequent flashbacks to a candy-free and sad childhood – absolutely different to how the character of Willy Wonka was portrayed in the book.

After the movie, we went to Citrus Park for tong sui (dessert). We even ordered the same thing – mung beans.

It was a good first date and I had an enjoyable time. He was funny, knowledgeable and ambitious.

Let’s just see how this goes.

Helped with the cleaning of the new house. My family would be moving soon to a new abode in the middle of the month, so I am now busy with packing.

In the evening, it was my company’s annual dinner at the KLCC Convention Center. The food was slightly better than last year’s. We had performances by Joanne Yeoh, the violinist, who played various songs, ranging from the overture to Phantom of the Opera and ABBA’s Dancing Queen to one famous Chinese oldie (which I don’t know the name to).

Oh, the other guest performer was Anuar Zain, touted as Malaysia’s top male entertainer.

Well, I couldn’t really tell, as he was mobbed by adoring male and female fans as he performed on and off stage. A little busy fending them off whilst singing.

Anuar Zain

Though he is quite "yummy" in a sense. He now sports a shorter hairdo.

Rumour has it that he is gay. Sigh, the malicious (or not) things people say about those who are famous.

I didn’t have the luck to win anything for the lucky draw though. Oh well.

Anyway, I managed to capture a picture of KLCC when I left at midnight. It is a tad blurry, as I didn't have a tripod with me.

The KLCC Twin Towers at midnight


AJ said...

Not a bad pic of KLCC, makes it look more sombre.

And Didn't you think willy wonka was protrayed to be micheal jackson (willy wanka)?? It was so blatant, or so I thought.

Shigeki said...

Wow, the photo of the towers is marvelous. Too bad that you didn't win anything but you might be able to win something bigger. Think of it as you didn't waste your luck. :-)

Legolas said...

You were definitely having a good weekend, which was in total contrast to mine.... Stayed at home and watched DVDs alone.... Not forgetting to wish you luck with your new date! (Though I hope I'm the lucky one, hehe....)

Holden said...

Anuar Zain is a good entertainer and yummy too... at last year's annual dinner, he flirted with me in front of everyone and he said i was cute! Into the mic! Could he be any gayer???

Now, Der, when you say it pleases the child in you, does this mean that you are preggers? Hehheh...

Good luck with the upcoming dates, hope you get lucky *wink*

Spot said...

excellent shot of the towers. snaps for you!

AJ - johnny depp was most upset with that claim, btw, saying that it was SO not what was intended. i think it's more an Edward Scissorhands thing that they were going for.

Derek said...

AJ: Except for the very fair skin, gloved hands and the love for chocolates; Willy Wonka doesn't seem to like children very much, unlike MJ!

Also, Willy Wonka is the name of the character in the book by Roald Dahl.

Still, it was a very yummy movie. ;P

shigeki: Ooh, love your way of thinking. Something bigger to win!

legolas: See that you have your blog up. Good for ya. ;P

Thanks for the wishes, darling. ;P

And we could still meet up for drinks, you know?

holden: Anuar Zain did that? Yes, that really is gay.

No honey, I am so not pregnant.

Also, even if I get lucky, I won't be as lucky as you ;P

spot: Thanks. Snaps back at you for your really schweet post.

Chaichakri said...

nice to read about your movie date, rather romantic too..... hope all is well with you, taje care

Nugget said...

What you mean Anuar Zain is not gay?

grave_creek said...

HUH???double HUH??i know i have been away somewhat,but whatever happened to the classical music listening AC????i mean ive just read that you were on your first date again...did you guys break up or were you never romantically involved with him??complicated stuff relationships!!

Legolas said...

Derek dear, is that an invitation? Hehe.... (an evil thought flashes through my head....)

Ehem.... I better behave a little. ;p

keatix said...

different events every nite....interesting. xtremely good pic too, considering u did not take 5 mins for that shot...or did u? i like the crisp gothic feel.

Derek said...

kitjar: Thanks.

nugget: I didn't know for sure he is.
You can attest to this from experience? ;P

g_c: I was never romantically involved with him, darling. An MPO outing does not a relationship make.

It was a fun date though, I mean the one with AC. ;P

This recent one is someone new. In fact, I just met up with him again yesterday.

legolas: Honey, you don't have to behave in front of me.

Be bad, very bad, if you want! LOL

Oh, you can take that as an invitation, btw. ;P

keatix: Thanks.

Ooh, I am so proud that you like the pic. Coz I was actually kind of disappointed that it was blurry.

But come to look at it again, it does have a gothic feel to it. ;P Very the Gotham.

And no, I did not take 5 mins.