Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Malaysian idiot

This is a rant. I know I am making general statements here but it can't be helped. Siapa yang makan cili, dia yang rasa pedas (literally means whoever ate chili will feel hot; figuratively means that the wrongdoer will feel remorse or unease).

It never ceased to amaze me how self-centered and self-absorbed some people are. These people believe that the whole world revolves around them and that people should worship the ground they walk on.

These same people are usually shallow too. Seeking external acknowledgement and affirmation. They compare notes to see who is better in everything – career, relationship, etc. They need to know that they are better and ahead of the competition.

In addition, they strive to live up to society's expectation of what is good and acceptable. Trying to attain the common definition of successful which ultimately is empty and unfulfilling.

Pretending to be kind and virtuous but are actually petty and narrow-minded. Putting up a brave front yet cowering inside that they will lose it all one day. Attempt to stay optimistic that their hollow dream is reachable yet knowing deep down that it all for the wrong reasons.

And unfailingly failing to realize it is the substance and not the form that matters.

Having read spot’s recent post, which he borrowed a few ideas from Scalzi, I would like to add a few.

My definition of poor is not material though.

Being poor is believing life is an illusion and yet choose to create more falsehood and keep up appearances.

Being poor is not trusting anyone and being afraid of your own shadow.

Being poor is thinking you are attractive and smart when you are really obnoxious and arrogant.

Being poor is your friends never knowing who and what you are actually because you don’t even know it yourself.

Being poor is people laughing at you, not with you.

Being poor is all of the above without knowing and realising it.


Holden said...

Hey Derek, is this rant aimed at somebody specific? Or just a rant from a troubled mind? :)

Espion said...

I liked it when you 'talk' this way.

I suppose whoever is your target will eat your chilli will feel the burn. :-)

But to a greater or lesser extent whatever you say is true for everyone, like who is not self-centered? Its only a matter of degrees, isn't it?

Now if you dont mind, can I ask you what is the "common definition of successful which ultimately is empty and unfulfilling". I have been thinking of this matter too, and just want to see what you see.

As to the poor, there are those poor materially, and there are those 'poor in spirit'. The latter is supposedly blessed. :-)

Derek said...

holden: Darling, can’t you tell? I am sure you know me well enough to know ;P

espion: Well, it is hard to say whether he will feel the chilli or not. It will not be a surprise if it went “whoosh” past him.

Heh, I have edited that phrase there slightly. What I meant was more towards self absorbed actually.

self centered: egocentric, limited to or caring only about yourself and your own needs.
self absorbed: absorbed in your own interests or thoughts etc

The common definition of success: the 6Cs – condominium, credit card, car, cash, country club, career. I think an additional C should be added: children, which implicitly means marriage.

But I know that last item is arguable.

Those "poor in spirit", even the non-Christians, are blessed too? ;P

Spot said...

oh dear. *sayang sayang*

i replied your email about someone whom i suspect is the target of this rant.

hope putting up the pretty pics made you feel better. :)

wingedman said...

Waah I feel the heat. Let's see how perceptive your "poor" person is.

BTW "...dia yang rasa pedas" doesn't necessarily mean that he will feel guilt or remorse, just that he has to face the consequences of his actions.

Espion said...

Christ didnt preach to the Christians did he? They became Christians only after they believed what he said.

But the quesiton really is, what is 'poor in spirit'?

So your target is your potential bf? a relationship went awry?

Derek said...

spot: Thanks, spot dear. Very sweet of you ;P

Yup, I got your email and have replied to you.

wingedman: I stand corrected. Though I have often seen the proverb used in the context when the person did not get his just dessert.

espion: You tell me what is poor in spirit, since you brought it up.

Nope, the target is neither.

Spot said...

wait ah, I notchet reply yours. :)

but i must say, i'm pretty sure that dia yang memBAHAM cili padi tu, is too busy enjoying how spicy it's made his tom yum.