Thursday, September 08, 2005

The next disaster: Earthquake

My closest gay friend, NG, is going to the U.K. soon for his Masters. As such, we had a farewell dinner for him. When I say we, I meant YN, my ex and myself.

As NG loves ice cream, we decided on Swensen’s and on a Tuesday to take advantage of the half price promotion on their famous Earthquake – eight scoops of delightful ice cream with our choice of flavours.

You see, I meet up with NG all the time and I could have arrange something else with him another time, but my ex, YF wanted to come too. Which was why I suggested Swensen’s.

Furthermore, he is extremely busy almost everyday, with not just his work, but his other sources of income, which I am not supposed to disclose - even though it is perfectly legal – due to his paranoia.

My ex is not as close to NG as I am to him. That would probably explain why YF wanted me to be there and he even suggested that I invite a few other friends of NG.

As I was busy with work and all, I didn’t get around to inviting NG’s other friends to come along. So it was just the three of us.

We agreed to meet at SS2 Swensen’s at seven.

If you remember, I have stated in the past that the two things which annoy me the most about YF are his forgetfulness and unpunctuality.

Nope, he didn’t forget.

In fact, he actually called me at five while he was driving home. I was still at work.

He called not because he wanted to confirm the time and place, but he needed someone to talk to. And it’s not because he knows I am a good listener (even though I am) – he was feeling sleepy and almost drifting to zzz-land.

I was supposed to talk to him, to keep him awake. Like a shot of espresso. Like a nicotine fix.

Yup, I felt very much appreciated.

It might have been sweet if I were still dating him.

Apparently, he only got an hour’s sleep the night before. And three hours the night before that. I don’t know why because I wasn't really listening to him. Something about deadlines and last minute.

Anyway, I don’t claim to be very organized myself or have excellent time management, but I certainly fare better than him in this area.

Whatever it was, he reiterated that he would be there at seven. Though he jokingly said that he might not turn up if he couldn’t wake up.

That should have set the alarms ringing.

NG and I were there at a quarter to seven. We decided to wait for YF to arrive before we ordered.

I sat opposite NG and my back was facing the entrance, thus he was the one keeping an eye on he door.

I too was turning around whenever customers came in.

And someone managed to catch my eye though. An extremely cute guy (in my book) with his girlfriend.

Sometimes I wonder, aren’t all the cute ones supposed to be gay? ;P

As NG was in a suitable position and I had my camera, you know what I would have suggested.

But NG refused initially. As luck would have it, the table next to the cute guy was taken soon after and thus, our line of sight was obstructed.

So this is what we got instead. Let me assure you that I have bad taste in men this picture does not do him justice – he is very much cuter in person, with his boyish face and fair skin.

The cute guy

Back to the dinner. Finally, we decided to go ahead with our order. Time was now a quarter past seven.

YF never showed up, even after repeated phone calls from me. It didn’t take much to deduce that he overslept.

Oh well.

NG had the spicy cheese pizza and I had the baked rice with curry chicken.

The main attraction – Earthquake.

The Earthquake

When the bill came, the price of the Earthquake was not on included. I was surprised, yet secretly happy, that they were negligent.

Though working in an ice-cream parlour hasn’t really affected their sight as they could still see through the dry ice and realized their mistake.

We left at half past eight. That was because a while later, another bunch of friends of his were taking him out to Swensen’s as well. So there would be a Round Two of Earthquake for him.

Absolutely sinful!


KW said...

omg.. haha.. pictures of tasty dishes... :9.. lovely no?

If paul ate this he'd be running night and day.. heheh

Legolas said...

Definitely ditto that, KW. Worse still, maybe he'll undergo liposuction.... Sorry Paul, just kidding, I know you have rock hard sexy abs, right? ;p

Anyways, I thought you were predicting another real earthquake or tsunami happening. But then, that ice cream looks really yummy, should really try out some time.

Shigeki said...

Your title got my attention as I live in the earthquake city but it was totally wrong. :-) I hope you two had fun there even though he didn't show up. But I can tell you did. The cute guy and ice cream.

snakebyte said...

Didn't think you would put this up your blog :)

Thanks for the "Earthquake" and dinner!

Take care. Shall keep in touch with you!

grave_creek said...

aaaahhhh!!!! my sugar level has just reached a new high just from looking at that picture!!!when you have your ice cream you sure have a lot of it!!!!lol!

suanie said...

you like boyish looking guys one ar?

you don't find them too... boyish?

(coming from someone who likes her men big, strong, hairy and brutal)

savante said...

rock hard sexy abs? You gotta be kidding, right? :) I'll have to run up a few mountains to get that ( not to mention stop eating for several suffering months ).

Derek, that guy was cute? From that angle - and the blurred pose, I might look good too!


keatix said...

u and your voyeur hp-cam...haha. anytime. i wonder if i have been captured before???

emmmmmm, nehhh, not up to the mark.... more "man" than boy. hahahahaa

Derek said...

kw: Yup, the picture is lovely. The Eathquake itself tastes even lovelier. LOL

legolas: You should try it out. It tastes better than it looks ;P

shigeki: Sorry for giving you a scare there.

Yes, I had a lovely time. Cute guy + ice cream + date = perfect.

snakebyte: You're welcome.

And yes, you better keep in touch!

grave_creek: Yes, I go on an ice cream binge.

Moderation, what's that? LOL.

suanie: Yeah, I love boyish looking guys. Your preference in men totally puts me off.

Well, at least we won't be fighting over the guys. Not that it is an issue in the first place. ;P

savante: Trust me, he is cute. Maybe from the side not so much, but from the front ... yum!

Damn blurry picture.

keatix: Heh, even if I were interested in you, you won't be towards me anyway ... haha.

Spot said...

he looks like jien, that tv celebrity guy.

heehee. voyeur cam.