Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Time to hold hands II

Last weekend, I spent two nights at some sort of a mini resort at Pasir Ris. Singaporeans call it a chalet, but really, they are just two-storey buildings with rooms that are no different from hotels, size and facilities-wise. No wooden walls or floors or airy windows or verandahs!

Anyway, there were seven of us who spent the two nights there, including a birthday boy who turned 21 on Saturday. No, there was no repeat episode of drunken prawn, thank you very much, to those of you who asked! ;P

We spent almost the whole of Saturday at this water theme park called Wild Wild Wet. Nothing too fantastic; I only screamed on this one ride, where two of us sat on a boat-like device and slide down a 75 degree slope at a roller coaster descending speed.

The park was pretty small that we went around and tried everything at least twice! Still, I had a fabulous time. We were wet from the rides and from the rain, which was pouring non-stop right till we left the place at 3 p.m.

Something that struck me as particularly interesting was how our group walked hand in hand almost everywhere we go. I mean, I have done this with them before when it was a smaller group, like 3 or 4 of us, but not like this! Our elbows interlocked and we walked in one long line, obstructing some of the human traffic on the walkways.

We even formed a circle when we floated on giant floats along the Lazy River and needless to say blocked the river way.

Of course, we weren't that selfish to intentionally do that. We de-linked our hands whenever people want to pass us by. Then we struggled against the currents and manoeuvered with some difficulty to join to form again the circle of gay men on floats.

Ditto when we were on the streets.

Even though I have stopped being self conscious about how I act and behave in public, I still find it hard to believe that I was actually doing that in public. My other friends didn't give a damn as well.

There might be some stares from the other passersby but I don't think I noticed because I was having too much fun talking and laughing with them!

Imagine locking your lips arms together with another guy in on the streets in KL or in one of the shopping malls. Like the two of you were walking down the aisle, arm in arm.

I actually don't mind doing it and most probably would, if the other person doesn't mind as well. ;P

But I am not sure, somehow, I feel it is quite unlikely. Strange even. Out of place, if I were to do in KL.

I am not saying that Singapore here is more open-minded or more liberal. Or maybe it is, to the straight couples. I have seen people kissing everywhere, on MRTs or even behind advertisement boards.

And of course, not forgetting this little incident I saw on the MRT.

It's just that well ... showing signs of affection in public in Malaysia seem to be frowned upon.

Many many moons ago, I have written something similar here. Which explains the title post.

What do you guys think?


quicksilverlining said...

i think it's great.

Yen said...

Reminds me of a post I wrote about holding hands in Singapore. It's all good. I think the society is opening up, despite the government's attempts to convince us otherwise.

pluboy2 said...

it depends whether everyone is comfortable or not..

about why we dont mind holding hands in singapore or bangkok is because we are foreign there and nobody is likely to recognise us (read: relatives).. even if so ngam bump in the streets also wont think how coincident it is..

if do that in kl or any parts in malaysia, u'r bound to bump into just someone.. like me.. i always bump into anyone at random when i am out in the streets, gay, relatives, colleagues.. whats more about the people i interact with on business terms?

but then again,, its not about whether comfortable or not.. i think its more to like.. dun wish to let ppl see what u doing...

guess u'll be lock up under ISA if get caught.. ~~ u know lar.. GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA!!

William said...

Well, the Bangledeshis do it a lot in KL, but I guess that's just their culture. Girls hold hands a lot but if guys do it here, it'll be considered out of place. The neutral hands over the shoulder for guys is acceptable, but if if a guy puts his hand over a girls shoulder, that's a step more intimate than holding hands!

End of the day: perception.

Musang said...


i think i want to apply for a job in singapore.

they have fun a lot over there, aren't they?


savante said...

Hey, I hold hands over here too. Not sure if I get stared at tho.

Ban said...

Hrm? Just how many of you guys were there, anyway?

kaye said...


i kinda agree with this though. 'about why we dont mind holding hands in singapore or bangkok is because we are foreign there and nobody is likely to recognise us (read: relatives).. even if so ngam bump in the streets also wont think how coincident it is..'

JL said...

wah main pegang pegang lagi... Power ;P

pluboy2 said...

we even pegang *something else* back in secondary school... co-ed schools lagi.. lolx

my (straight) guys buddies are just great frens.. love them a lot haha.. :) just like the love the gay me .. hahaha...

oh ya.. ban.. what were u asking? anyway.. i was in singapore for 2 years if anyone hasnt know by now.. juz got back to kl anyway...

Will said...

Sounds like you guys had fun, and that's the most important thing. :-)

Anonymous said...

if hold hands in public then I suppose its no holds barred in private ... kekeke

Prince of Darkness said...

Well i see nothign wrong with holding hands among guys... but probably in M'sia it's still a bit conservative issue...

But at times there is no need to care what other thinks...As long as you are happy dude...

pluboy2 said...

exactly!! a quick kiss in the lifts wont hurt :)

Derek said...

qsl: Me too.

yen: Yup. There was a survey done recently by Singapore Poly, where half of the 15-29 year olds found homosexuality to be acceptable, compared to 30% which said so in 2001.

pluboy: Actually it's true to a certain extent. But for me, I don't really give a damn at the moment! ;P

william: William dear, I think the word is culture, not perception. ;P

musang: Oh yeah, do come over, fox. You're be most welcomed. ;P

savante: Well, if you stop staring at the cute hunks and instead pay a little attention, you might notice. ;P

ban: I thought I mentioned seven of us, the magnificent seven, no? ;P

kaye: Good to hear from you. Will have to read your blog for updates.

So if you ever find someone there, you can hold hands, hor?

jl: Pegang-pegang only what. It's harmless ;P

pluboy2: Oooh, we have that in my all-boys primary school. But pluboy dear, holding hands and grabbing balls are entirely different things! ;P

will: Oh yeah, we sure did.

anonymous: Needless to say ;P

P.O.D: Yup, agree totally.

pluboy2: I'll wait for you to do that, if you really dare!