Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Short recap of 2006

2006 has come and gone. It seemed to have whizzed pass just like that.

Time seemed like to have passed by faster since I came to Singapore. It felt like only yesterday that I was with family and friends back in KL.

Since I arrived, nothing of significance has happened. It has been mostly work and more work.

Of course, I have made some wonderful friends here. And I have known them for less than two months. The past two months have been the most eventful; more things have happened than the six months before that.

The times I had with CF seemed so distant, seemed so long ago. The good and bad, the sweet and sour, they are but a memory that I will always hold dear.

So basically, 2006 was marked by my new job in a foreign country and a significant other who came into and went away from my life.

I still can't shake the feeling that the year that was seemed the shortest that I ever had in my entire life.

I have stopped making new year resolutions. I mean, time period by years is a good time to take stock but why make it an annual thing only? Resolutions can be made anytime of the year. The important thing is to have a few and to make them come true.

Which is why I am keeping mine very broad.

I just want to be healthy and be able to live life to the fullest. Besides that, I think would be great that I consciously endeavour to appreciate the people around me more and to treat them better.

P/S Would love to reflect more, but haven't had the time to. Been working since last Thursday till about 11pm almost everyday. Drained. Yesterday worked till 1am. My mom screamed when she heard that! LOL


Ban said...

Doesn't sound too bad at all. Here's to a better year ahead.

pluboy2 said...

he's real good..
the past two months.. or rather in november he was having too much fun because of me lol.. haha

think i make him kaki clubbing and kaki botol alredy.. now wanna alcholol drinking pulak... !! lolx..!!

sei forh lohh!!

JL said...

cheers to good health & a better year! :)

William said...

Whatever happened or did not happen, whatever we did or did not do, was for a reason. It all culminates to where we are now.

Many more new things to come, for better or for worse. Cheers!

Derek said...

ban: Thanks. Here's to a better year ahead for you too ... family wise and Shane ;P

pluboy: Yeah lor, you are the one responsible leh ... LOL

jl: You too! ;P

william: So profound.

But there are things that happen without reasons. Or where reasons you have to find out or discover on your own.

Cheers to you too!

Jon said...

My teacher told me once.


Don't resist or push. Smile.

May 2007 be a great one 4 ya.

Will said...

Hmmmm, you say "Since I arrived, nothing of significance has happened," but then you say, "I have made some wonderful friends here." Anytime you can make wonderful friends, something very significant has happened. :-)

thompsonboy said...

maybe love for you.....this year

Cybertron said...

hahaha thompsonboy is real nice. yar lots n lots of love for u derek. love makes the world goes round. no matter wat happen, ur still derek ... ermm dat can't change for all eternity hor? just b happy :)

pluboy2 said...

love makes the world goes round?

lol... and who makes my head go round?

blerk :)

Derek said...

jon: Thanks so much for the wishes. And good advice too! ;P

will: Thanks for pointing out the contradiction! LOL

thompson: Hmm ... maybe. It happens when it happens, yeah? ;P

koala: Awww, so sweet. No matter what, you are still koala too ;P

pluboy: Erm ... alcohol? ;P