Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

I am blogging from home, in KL.

I usually spend New Year's eve away from the crowd, away from the countdown. Not a fan of crowds and sweaty bodies and body odour. And don't you say clubs because that doesn't count; I don't think anyone stands within inches of your face in clubs, unless that guy is your boyfriend!

Someone was kind and generous enough to take me out to watch fireworks at KLCC, but the location to look at them was from Bangsar. It was a nice and quiet way to usher in the new year; watching fireworks from afar, with an Oreo McFlurry in hand!


Wishing everyone a blessed 2007. May everything that is good come your way!

P/S Not sure whether I am getting more used to Singapore food or what (I hope not!) but I seem to visit the bathroom more often since I came back! :(


JL said...

Adui... take some pil chi kit okie.
"I am getting more used to Singapore food or what (I hope not!)" i hope not too :P
May you have a great 2007!

Will said...

hee hee Someday I will stand within inches of your face in a club, just to see your reaction. :-)

Selamat tahun baru!! (or something like that)

Prince of Darkness said...

Maybe the food here in Sg is just way too clean :)

Ban said...

ehhhh. No more dunken prawn excapades?

rad said...

Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

No need to thank me for taking you out to watch the fireworks display lar. I had fun looking for Mcflury..hehehehehe

William said...

Jangan2 aku caused an allergic reaction?! :P

Jon said...

I'm more flexible in this 'inches-from-my-face' thing. He does not have to be my bf only. He needs to be tall, dark and handsome. All three. No shortchange.


Malaysia and Singapore's food are in the same range. Should be alright for you. Jamban is good. Reminds you closely to what home offers. Ha! ;p

Derek said...

jl: Nope, I did not those pills. I just let it all out with my many trips to the loo!

will: Thanks! Happy New Year to you too!

And yeah, we'll see what happens when you stand that near to me! LOL

p.o.d: I really don't know. Could be ;P

ban: Nope. Nadaa.

rad: Thanks. Happy New Year to you too! May it be a better one than the last!

anonymous: You shouldn't have! And oops ... I haven't paid you back for the McFlurry!

william: Heh. You cause a different kind of reaction ;P

jon: Hmmm, come to think of it, I may make an exception to a tall, dark and handsome hunk! LOL

vince said...

derek, wish you have a wonderful 2007, and may all your wish come true.

btw, I still find Malaysia food is better :) take care ok!!