Thursday, January 04, 2007

NY in KL

I have arrived safely back in Singapore, without a need to do a No 2 at the rest stops.

It had been a great break for me. I got to meet up with old friends and get acquainted with new ones.

On New Year's Day itself, McDave organised a gathering for us to kickstart the new year. Thanks so much for calling, texting, pleading and cajoling all these people to come *muacks*

What better way to get 2007 rolling than being surrounded by good friends, delicious food, skanky companions, lots of jokes and merriment and coffee?

The usual suspects were there: McDave, Defiant, Alex, Harvey, Bunny, Clayton and last but not least, William.

Of course I was there too. We were to have lunch at Siam Square, Times Square.

I arrived a little late as I was at KLCC to buy a little belated birthday gift for Alex.

After a quick round of introduction by our real names and not my blog names (as someone said, blogging is soooo 2006!), we got around to catching up with what's going on in our lives. For the somewhat newcomers, more introduction followed (What?!! You're 26? You don't even look 20!)

Everyone got along just fine. A few people couldn't turn up last minute, but it was alright. The number of people was just nice (eight). Good sign, right?

It did take some time for the ice to break a little. Some of us were pretty quiet, either from the previous night's partying (or equivalent) or too shy. I do hope it was the former!

But by the time we finished our meals, everyone seemed to be in a chattier mood. Maybe it was the energy-replenishing food. Or the Thai coffee, which was the restaurant's specialty.

At the time I wasn't feeling so well already. I ordered fried flat noodles with prawns and it came in such huge proportions. I felt bloated, thus I didn't finished everything though. It tasted quite good and would have been more delightful if I was
feeling better.

Bunny was the target of most of our jokes (sorry, dear!) because of his partner-in-crime, which coincidentally wasn't there. Strapping Shane was strapped at home, no? He needs lessons in .... OK, I think I better stop before Bunny starts chomping me!

After lunch, we didn't know have anything planned. We wanted to watch a movie, but of course tak jadi if we didn't make reservations earlier because one, it was a public holiday and two, it was a public holiday.

What do a bunch of gay men do then?

We headed to Borders and then dropped by at the Underwear Shop for a bit. Alex and Defiant complained that the shop doesn't bring in new designs fast enough. It's the same old same old. Where's the 2007 designs?

By this time, Bunny had to make a hop as he needed to go to Melaka for dinner with grandparents.

The next best thing to do was to head for Starbucks. Naturally, all the ones in Times Square are packed, which of course would cramp our very loud and fabulous selves.

So we crossed the street and went to the one there instead. Which was practically empty save two other people.

We talked more about everything under the sun - movies, travel, breast cancer, penis size, etc.

Oh wait, I just realised we didn't talk about a popular favourite topic - cute guys. How strange is that?

I left at six with William. Harvey left too. The rest went on to do some shopping and movies, which you can read from their blogs.

It was all great fun. Even though nothing concrete came out of it, but that's not the point. It's all about catching up, chatting, enjoying ourselves and most of all, drawing us closer together as friends.

And we can't have too many friends, can we?


Alex said...

Nice to meet you again after such a long time, Godfather....
And thank you again for the gift of knowledge.... love it! :)
Oh... we didn't talk about cute guys? Maybe we're straight after all...

savante said...

Ooh. Could you expand on the penis size talk?

hoknotyalc said...

Well, thanks for inviting me. I had a blast Godfather...hehehehe. Paul, if you want us to expand on the Penis size talk, you need to ask alex that cause he was the one tht brought up the topic.

Hey Derek, you forgot to mention us digging out the dirt on you on yr thailand trip :P

Anyway, next get together would be in Feb somewhere between 19 to 25.

William said...

Ah, you filled in some of the gaps! Watch out for my version!

k said...

hei sry i couldnt make it the other day, was really hammered :( i denounce alcohol forever! sob sob missed such a good opportunity to see the faces behind all these blogs. call me next time u're down yeah? lol

take care

Musang said...

my new year sucks!

Ban said...

FEAR the Godfather. FEAR.

Except when he's in drunken prawn mode. :P

(Why me is butt of joikes? Whyyyyy?)

pink dolphin said...

hey happy new year ;-)

Derek said...

alex: Nope, last time I checked, I was still gay. And so were you guys! LOL

savante: You know who to ask for that! ;P

hoknotyalc: Wow, planning so far ahead already? Then may as well make it the fourth day (Wed) of CNY? Everyone should be back in KL? ;P

william: I read yours already. Susah nak faham!

musang: Hi musang dear!

How come it sucks? ;P

ban: Why u keep going on and on about the drunken prawn? It's like .... so 2006! LOL

dolphin: Hey there! Glad you're back! Thanks.

Prince of Darkness said...

Yer...I am suppose to be there as well :(

Jon said...

Wow.. bloggers do meet, huh? I tot all bloggers are fictional characters only. If only the bloggers around my area do the same - meet, I mean, and talk about penis. ;p

defiant85 said...

*poke poke

*poke poke

*poke poke

Heheheh. Happy NY and great seeing yea again. Hope to see you soon and together tarik2 during CNY. :P