Monday, April 03, 2006

His birthday Part II

Not sure whether I jinxed it by posting it up yesterday night.

What happened was that, after I posted it up, CF called and we spoke on the phone. He was unhappy about something and I made him spilled it out. Somehow, it was related to the birthday celebrations that I was planning.

What I actually did was calling up his friends without CF knowing. He was furious that I have taken his friends' number without telling him.

The result was, I had to tell him everything that I had planned to make him understand the reasons.

It was my fault too as I didn't do sufficient "security control / strict warnings" to his friends not to tell him anything.

Oh well. So yeah, no suprises for him either, celebration-wise.

I think I suck at doing surpises.


yw[2k] said...

Take it easy... I'm sure that there are many other ways to surprise him... :)

And doesn't he read your blog? :P

MrBunnyBan said...

Hmmm, I suspect he does reads yer blog after all. Erm, gah. it still on?

Will said...

At least you tried. That counts for a lot. =)

wingedman said...

Aw that's sweet. And it's the thought that counts.

Surprises take a lot of planning and foresight. A LOT OF WORK! I'm sure you'll get it right the next time.

And doesn't he read your blog anyway?!

And omg he likes Daniel Lee? That lesbian?

Musang said...

yeah... i thought he read your blog too? so even if you've planned a surprise party, he will know eventually, or the day after you post the surprise-plan-post.

but kudos for you for trying to throw a surprise party for CF. if he's my boyfriend, i'll be the one who surprised. "today is your birthday?! omg. sorry. happy birthday."

like i did so many times...

Jay said...

Yikes. Bet he felt awful after you told him. I suggest that you now CANCEL everything and REALLY surprise him.


Anonymous said...

Gee... He is difficult to please!!!

Give him a slap!!!

Who is Daniel Lee ah?


quicksilverlining said...

sounds like a hard man to please, lolz.

daniel lee? wtf?

keatix said...

it seems cf wanna be the one in charge. it is not a bad thing as long as he knows how to lead. u should not spoil him too much, i think.....arrgh, sorry, i should mind my own laundry.

AJ said...

aww... at least you tried! that has to be something. No one has ever thrown me a supprise party! *pout*

savante said...

Hey, I bet he loved it :) After finding out the reason why you've been snagging his friends' numbers.


hrugaar said...

Heh, this reminded me of my 'surprise' party for my 21st, so I did my own blog post about that - thanks for the inspiration. :o)

Don't quite understand CF's reaction - is he not wanting to share you with his friends, or his friends with you? :o$

Derek said...

yw[2k]: Nope he doesn't. He has given up on blogs.

Though he did say he would, once in a while. ;P

will: Thanks. ;P

winged: Yes, my baby likes that lesbian. He's not that much into the popular ones like Maddie, Kylie or Mariah. ;P

musang: You will be one skinned fox if you forgot your bf's birthday. I mean ... how can you forget? ;P

jay: Yes, he did felt awful. Like for three hours.

Anyway, he has promised to make it up to me. ;P

shine: I know he is. But I still try anyway.

qsl: Everybody got their own taste la ...

keatix: Perhaps I shouldn't indulge him so much. He actually said that himself too LOL

aj: Have to wait for next year's birthday then. Make sure you hint heavily to everyone you know that you want a surprise!

savante: Unfortunately, he didn't. Sigh!

hrugaar: We had a talk yesterday. Apparently, his friends are his friends and I should not contact them in any way, unless I ask him first. But then even if I did, don't think he would let me anyway.

hrugaar said...

'his friends are his friends'? Ouch!