Thursday, April 13, 2006

Strange conversation

For the past few days, I have been calling a few people in Singapore to enquire about rooms to let.

I saw one which seems quite good, but there was not much information in the advert. Even the cost of rent was not stated.

Obviously, I called to find out more. D is me; the owner is 0.

D: May I know what is the minimum rent you are looking for?
O: Well, it all depends on how cute you are.
D: (I was like, WTF?) Err ... you mean the cuter I am, the cheaper the rent?
O: Maybe. Because I have a few options. There are two bedrooms, one master bedroom and another common room. I am in the master bedroom and I am looking for someone cute to share the room with. The less cute one can stay in the other room.
D: Hmmmm.
O: Would you prefer to stay on your own or sharing with someone?
D: No preference actually. But I think staying with someone else is bit more difficult, as both have to accomodate each other.
O: Of course, of course. So how young are you?
D: Mm ... 25.
O: Where would you be working?
D: Near Robinson Road.
O: Is this your first time working abroad? Coming to Singapore to work?
D: Errr, this is really strange. I have not had anyone asked me all these questions before.
O: This is all part of understanding the tenant. It's normal to ask.
D: So can I ask you back a few questions?
O: Yeah, go ahead.
D: Are you the owner of the place?
O: Yes, I am. What is your budget anyway?
D: About 400. Maybe a little more than that is still OK.
O: I see.
D: How old are you?
O: You mean how young?
D: Err ... yeah.
O: What do you think?
D: Erm ... about 30.
O: More than 30. A mature man, a little bit more mature than you.

Then he went on to tell me that as he will be moving into this new place of his, his room in his parents' house, a HDB flat, would be vacant. He also said that for 400, that would be more suitable for my budget.

In additon, he also mention that he's not completely moving out of his parents' place, as he would be staying there on weekdays. On weekend, he would be at his new place.

It was all very confusing.

O: Do you have an online profile? Sgboy or fridae?
D: Why do you ask?
O: I want to have an idea how you look like.
D: (can't you wait till at least when I arrange for a viewing of the condo?) Errrm, it's ******* on Fridae.
O: What is that again?

Then the line was disconnected.

I am not sure whether he actually got my online profile nickname, but it didn't seem like it.

When I told CF about what happened, he was mad of course. Mad that I actually gave him my online profile. He thought that I was flirting with him.

Which I definitely did not! I felt unconfortable the whole time; felt like I was a piece of meat or something. I don't know why I didn't cut short the conversation and continued talking.

Sigh, I have to be more careful. A lesson learnt.


yw[2k] said...

Hehehe... If you as cute as some Hollywood stars, then you'll stay for free! :P

Haha, juz kidding.

Musang said...

LOL. that's the strangest conversation ever! rent is base on cuteness? pffttt. the owner want a piece of you laa derek.

but i do think he is crazy or retard. that's not a normal question between landlord and tenant. it should be just discussion of deposit, the room, the rent and the contract.

gila lah landlord tu. be careful.

quicksilverlining said...

asalkan lawak, sudah, lolz. seriously, that is a bit unusual. oh well, more absurd things have happened.

keatix said...

can i know THAT fridae profile???


Jay said...

I must say that's a pretty creepy tenancy discussion. And I'd certainly never share a ROOM with the landlord! Still, if it can get you a discount on the rent...

MrBunnyBan said...

Gah?... Methinks you should look for regular landlords. Without the pink triangle attached.

Anonymous said...

hey friend,

i would suggest u try to stay with a fellow malaysian who also work in Spore.

g_c said... sure that guy wasnt actually shopping for a mail order husband??sure sounds like it!! thank god he didnt start asking you for your body THAT would have freaked me out!!

Will said...

Don't feel bad about continuing to talk. Sometimes you are in a situation that is so strange that you want to keep going to see how it ends. And then you get to blog about it. I hope CF is not mad anymore, the whole thing is funny more than anything else.

executorlouis said...

Wow, that's a weird conversation. Too weird for me to be living with a guy like that!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious!!!

I would have hung up the phone right after the first Question from him.

You are looking for a flat not a fuck buddy!!!



weeshiong said...

Geez. I hope that at the very least you had seen his online profile and approved, before you called, y'know, to even justify continuing that coversation!


Chaichakri said...

this is funny, but streakingly WEIRD lar.... Anyway, all the best in your new life in Singapore!

Derek said...

yw[2k]: Hmmm, even if I was, I don't think so!

musang: Yup, I really have to keep my eyes open when I am in Singapore. Or anywhere else for that matter.

qsl: Any absurd things you wanna share? ;P

keatix: Why lar you wanna know? You email me personally, then maybe .... LOL

jay: I am sure you'll gladly be in my situation. No? You do love adoration, right? ;P

mrbunnyban: You never know what kind of people you'll bump into. It was interesting to say the least. ;P

anonymous: Heh. I don't think it's a country thing, dear.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

g_c: True, he didn't ask. I would have freaked out even more!

will: Nope, he's not mad anymore. Thanks for the concern. ;P

executorlouis: I can't agree more.

shine: I am too nice to put the phone down after the first question. ;P

weeshiong: Nope, he didn't offer his and I didn't ask. I don't think that's a loss!

k.s.: Thanks for the well wishes.

Claus said...

The owner sounds very desperate for a cute guy and don't really like to talk with people like him. :o/ He's like no cute guy no talk. +_+"

keatix said...

it's like a crossbreed between 'single white feMALE' and 'fatal attraction'.

savante said...

That was certainly strange. What kinda weird kinky address are you renting?


Harvey said...

The probability of getting a gay landlord who has bad intentions on his tenants --- For Derek, [ 100% ]

The probability of living with that kind of landlord --- [ -100% / 0% ]

But if the landlord is cute....

AJ said...

I could never stay with a creep like that! Imagine all the hidden cams etc around the house. But I would just follow the conversation to see where it leads...

akihisa said...

The owner was definitely a perv. You just know that he wants to get into your pants, Derek. And, obviously, CF wouldn't like that.

Derek said...

claus: I definitely don't want to find out what he actually wants! ;P

keatix: Wah, where got so kua cheong? LOL

savante: Somewhere in the east. And I don't think it's even anywhere near the red light districts!

harvey: Even if the landlord is cute, I have a bf harvey dear! ;P

aj: Probably that was why I didn't hang up earlier. Heheh.

akihisa: Or he was just being a tease. Oh well. I would rather not find out. ;P