Thursday, April 20, 2006

Singapore, here I come!

So many things to do, so little time.

When I was in Singapore last Friday, I checked out a few rooms. There were two which I quite liked, but didn’t manage to get as the owner of the first one preferred someone else and the second one wanted a long term lease, which I can’t promise to. For the latter, the room was quite nice, just that the location is a bit far.

The plan is to get a room to stay temporarily, which doesn’t take me a long time to get to work and I keep on looking for a place.

I didn’t sleep so well for the past few days worrying about my accommodation. As of today, I still haven’t found any. So I will have to bunk with a friend while I spend this weekend looking for a room.

People have been asking me how do I feel.

I don’t know. I don’t feel much anymore.

Initially I did feel eager to be in a new job, new environment, new people. But now, I don’t think so much about it anymore. I just do what needs to be done.

Which I am not sure whether is a good thing or not. It’s not like I lack enthusiasm, but it does feel like it’s just another job, only difference being in a different country.

But I hope not. It’s supposed to be something new, greener pastures, blah blah blah …. It’s supposed to be exciting and yet I am not feeling it yet.

Oh well.

I managed to spend some quality time with CF on Sunday and Tuesday. We didn’t argue as at all and he was being very nice, though he did have one of his foul moods on Tuesday. Thankfully, it didn’t last long.

Unexpectedly, I don’t feel as bad or think I would miss him as much as I thought I would. Perhaps I’m still here in KL.

Or that we have come to a stage that we are stable in our relationship and somewhat know that things would work out alright, even with the challenges of long distance involved.

Still, I know I would miss him. I have snapped some pictures of him wearing nothing the necklace which I gave him to take with me to Singapore.

Anyways, now that I will be working in a private firm in Singapore, not a semi-government one like I did, I don’t think I will have the chance to update my blog as often. But I would try of course.

Wish me luck in Singapore!


quicksilverlining said...

luck in singapore!

hrugaar said...

Yeah, all the best for Singapore. :o)

Could be you're just busy focused on the practicalities of moving and finding a place to stay at the moment, hence excitement (or dread) doesn't really come into it. I get like that. Once you're there and start to settle, hopefully you'll begin to enjoy it. :o)

Musang said...

all the best in singapore!

about that CF picture with nothing but a neclace... hmmmm... it's a one very good motivation for you to keep by. hehehe. motivation for other things too.

:-) hiks.

Kyle said...

Gudluck in Singapore. :)

joshua said...

all ze best in singapore. and thanks for dropping by my lil blog.
i studied in singapore b4, and i played more than i learnt. haha
Singapore, or Timbuktu... the deal is to enjoy your job or hell hath no fury.
LDRs are tough stuff, but i am sure u will get by. good luck here as well.

snakebyte said...

all the best!! take good care and hear from you soon!

LPG-adventure member said...

aiyah, sg dollar so "big". Get one laptop and broadband internet connection (much much faster than Malaysia) then you can always update your blogloh. Also, please share the porn with me because i am sure that you will always download in sg :P

g_c said...

all the best....and doesnt the photo of you bf wearing only the necklace seem a tad " titanic" to you??lol! next you'll tell me you had sex in a car and steamed the windows!!!

yw[2k] said...

All the best in Sg! :D

Anonymous said...

Good luck in SG, derek. Though the grass is always but not greener on the other side, anyhow make the best of it. Take care...

Here's wishing the the best in SG.


Derek said...

qsl: Thanks, jin.

hrugaar: I'm worried that I might enjoy it too much here. But yeah, now that I am here, things do start to look more exciting.

musang: Ooops, I think I didn't make myself clear. He as wearing a necklace with his clothes on.

kyle: Thanks.

joshua: Thanks very much for your well wishes.

So where are all the hot boys to be found? Heh, just kidding.

I hope my LDR works too.

snakebyte: Thanks. I will email once I settled down.

lpg: I don't downlaod that much porn, OK? Not since I have CF ;P

Anyways, I haven't brought my laptop down yet. Maybe in a month or two.

g_c: Thanks for the idea, g_C honey. Let me put those on the list of things to do. LOL

yw[2k]: Thanks so much.

vincent: Thanks. You take care too. Hope to see you when you come visit to Singapore. ;P

Xavier said...


bumped into ur blog thru links...

congrats on changing a new environment...

remember to post some nice eye candies if u happen to come across in singapore... :p


akihisa said...

Hope you'll have a great time in Singapore, Derek. I have friends working out of the country. One just called me from China. Wow! All I can say is the remuneration must be really good. I'm thinking of doing the same if an opportunity comes. ;p

lpg-adventure member said...

lpg: I don't downlaod that much porn, OK? Not since I have CF ;P

that mean have lah. Share with me? i bring portable hardisk to ur place. need usb port to connect ur pc.

Spot said...

good luck in singapore! i'm sure it'll be an excellent experience.

at the very least, you'll get to see what an efficient public transport system is all about :)

joshua said...

your LDR has to work! believe in it!
DCFB!... Derek 'n CF Boleh?

Silentside said...

I think it is really brave and loving of you to be ready to go to Singapore and yet have the trust and courage to continue your relationship. Not many can. And also having a bf in Malaysia is something I admire in you. Best of luck in Singapore!

Derek said...

xavier: Hey xavier, welcome!

Didn't bring my camera down yet. But I think the internet provides quite good eye candy, if you know where to find them ;P

akihisa: Yeah, working abroad is good, one is the experience and the other is the renumeration. I mean, if you're still single and all, better still. Can flirt with all the boys and get yourself a cute one. ;P

lpg-adventurer: I wonder who you are. And no, I am not sharing LOL

Maybe lar, if you leave me a contact no ;P

spot: Oh yes, am quite pleased with the public transport. At least waiting time for buses is capped at 15 mins ;P

joshua: Ooh, thanks for the encouraging acronym! Very Malaysian. LOL

silentside: Hi, welcome to my humble blog!

Thanks for the encouraging words. I think it's amazing too. I trust CF 100%. And I think he does of me too.

It's difficult, but when you've found someone wonderful, you wouldn't want to give up without trying.

Hope things work out for you too.