Sunday, July 10, 2005

Of dinner plans and wristbands

On Friday, I went out with a few of my university course mates for dinner. Which nearly didn't happen. It was a belated birthday dinner actually, for SZ. There are nine of us who would usually turn up for such dinner gatherings.

The plan was to have dinner in Midvalley. As it is usual for us to chat and catch up with things, we tend to stay long after dinner in the restaurant doing just that.

So there I was cracking my head on which eatery in Midvalley would be suitable. None that I can think of. As such, I told SZ that we should change the venue.

She agreed. She said that we could meet in Wangsa Maju, which is near her house, and have dinner there. Then we could go somewhere else for a drink.

She decided on that, at 3 p.m. Friday.

I finished work at 5.30. I called KY and told him that I would be going over to his office so that we could go to Wangsa Maju together.

I planned to leave my office at 6. Just as I was about to leave, SZ called to say dinner plan is cancelled. Some of our friends couldn’t make it. I was like, wtf?

I told myself to relax. *deep breaths*

With nothing else planned, obviously I had to go home. It was too late to make other plans with other people anyway.

As I was walking to the bus station to catch the bus, my mobile phone rang. KY said that the dinner is back on again. He told me to call SZ if I wanted to get clarification or someone to cuss.

I felt like driving a bus and ramming into someone.

Anyway, I changed directions and walked to the train station to get to Midvalley. It was close to seven now.

I knew they would be late. It was Friday and traffic is usually worse the day before weekends.

As I was walking, I saw this booth with huge pictures of faces of men. The pictures showed till the neck level. Some of them were obviously shirtless when the pictures were taken.

And then I remembered that there is an exhibition promoting cancer awareness among men, organized by the National Cancer Society Malaysia and Topman. They were selling specially-designed wristbands for RM10.

I asked how much actually go to NCSM and they said all of the proceeds. Had to make sure mar, before I parted with my money, as usually that is not the case.

The wristband is kinda different, it is not the rubbery or kind, but (I think) made of cotton-polyester and is adjustable. I got a red one.

Speaking of wristbands, I have something to say about them. If I am not wrong, these wristbands were started by the Lance Armstrong Foundation, a charity for cancer, to ‘raise awareness, funds and even spirits'. They were yellow and they have the words ‘Live Strong’. Soon after, many other colours began to appear, like white for the ONE campaign.

Nowadays, everywhere I turn, I see people wearing wristbands in all sorts of colours – blue, red, orange, etc. Yes, I know they double as fashion accessories too. But really, I am more concerned about the loss of its original intent – which is to raise money for charity. I doubt many know what organization or cause the colour of their wristbands represent. Why, I don’t think they even bought them from charity organizations either.

Which is rather unfortunate. Charity or social-causes organisations should have seized the opportunity to do so.

Anyway, I just felt like venting my frustration. About indecisiveness and last minute cancellations. Some people think that the universe revolves around them. It doesn’t; other people have a life too.

[I just received an SMS from KY. It says 'Tomorrow we celebrate SZ birthday at Midvalley, 7.30 pm. Any queries, please refer to SZ or ML'.

Aargh. Not again! They better not cancel! If it did, someone, someone, might just get hurt.]


Holden said...

Hi Derek... I think I saw you at Midvalley because I was at the same Topman exhibition, getting my wristband at around the same time you did... or maybe it wasn't you because there were a lot of ppl there but still we were actually quite near each other that night...

I was waiting for my date there when I decided that I wanna contribute... plus the fashionable wrist band... mine is blue btw...

Derek said...

Really? I was there about 7.30pm.

What a coincidence. Or maybe not, as I remember you saying that you go to Midvalley very often, besides Bukit Bintang.

Holden said...

Yup. I was there, at the Topman thingy at around that time also. I think I did see you... :)

If they cancel on you again, then you can call me. I live nearby and it would take me less than 15 minutes to get there... hehhehe *wink*

wingedman said...

Oh oh I got a pink one! Naturally.

It's for breast cancer research, I know that much at least. It's not so much pink as fuchsia, therefore not as gay. Really.

Okay. It's gay. Knowing the difference between shades of pink pink is also gay.

Ooh shades of pink...such a nice name for a blog...
*short attention span at work*

Spot said...

the live strong wristbands were sold for USD1 each. the point being that it would cost you very little to do your bit for charity, hence likelier to get donors.

it's inevitable that the charity point would get steamrolled by the juggernaut of fashion..."those things are so pretty!" :)