Monday, July 25, 2005

Chilling Waterfall

My monthly hiking trip was yesterday. To be precise, it was more like jungle trekking, as the terrain was mostly flat. Our destination was Chilling Waterfall in Kuala Kubu Baru.

As the place is about an hour’s drive from KL, we gathered at 8.00 a.m. at the Kelana Jaya LRT station. There were 17 of us, the highest turnout so far.

Weather was good, although the sun could not be seen and there were some dark clouds which looked threatening. Those were probably remnants from last night’s downpour.

We reached the mouth of the trek about ten. To me, the trail was pretty unexciting. There were puddles of water and yellow mud on most parts of it. Flora is mostly shrubs which are thorny and they poked and scratched my lower legs as I trekked forward.

KC had told us that there would be six river crossings. As such, there were a few who wore sandals. I was wearing shoes (more comfortable mar) and clearly, it got wet very soon. That wasn’t the annoying part; it was the sand which got into the shoes, no thanks to the river.

I actually invited my best friend Vincent to come along, but he told me he didn’t feel like going, after finding out that it involved getting wet. Our phone conversation went like this:

"Yer, have to get my shoes wet."

"So what? It wouldn’t kill you."

"Don’t want-lar."

"Come-lar, it would be fun."

"It would be uncomfortable."

"You don’t hear me complaining. Please-lar, you are acting even more gay than me, complaining about wet shoes."

Understandably, he had to put on a macho front and agreed to go. But alas, he called me on Saturday night and said he couldn’t make it.

Probably I shouldn’t have coerced him by saying that him being straight, he has to act tough and all. Anyhow, he promised he would make it up to me.

After a little more than an hour, we reached the waterfall. It was beautiful, with water gushing from 20 meters (roughly) high. The water was cool and crystal clear, but not exactly clean.

There were four other people who were there; two guys and two girls. One guy was slim, wearing a white cap backwards, taking photos of his friends. The other guy (there is no other way pf putting this) was really fat, with breasts that were sagging, very similar to sumo wrestlers. The two girls seemed to be younger, in their mid teens and I didn’t pay much attention to them.

Slim Guy (SG) had his back facing us, so I didn’t get a look at his face. When I finally got to see his face, he did look kinda cute. The backward cap was still on and he wore a shirt two sizes too big.

Not long after, the four of them came out from the water and climbed onto a huge rock to laze around. Clearly, it was then our turn to get into the water. Some of us in the group couldn't wait; I didn't even see them go in but they were already in the water when I looked.

I was a little hesitant at first, as I can’t stand the cold and SG mentioned that there were leaches in the water. I was planning not to go into the water at all. But then come to think of it, I realised it was silly if I had trekked all the way there and didn't dip in.

Some of us frolicked in the water (and freezing our balls off) while the rest stayed on dry land munching apples, nasi lemak and Pringles.

The water wasn’t actually that cold; after I have soaked in it for more than ten minutes. But someone was visibly shivering from the cold, even though he has been in the water for a long time.

One of us, HK had gotten sand in his trunks. He was a distance away from us. Perhaps that explains why he actually took it off to get rid of the sand; we realized that a bit too late and none of us manage to snatch his trunks away. If we did, that would be interesting to watch. Heh.

From where I was, I noticed that SG has gone shirtless. Being short-sighted, what I saw was fuzzy and I can’t make out the details. And being able to control myself (ahem!) I didn’t immediately go to dry land to get a better look.

I think that, from the moment I knew he was shirtless till I left the water, a good fifteen to twenty minutes have passed.

Later, I was truly quite surprised by what I saw (after I had put on my glasses). Hmm .. the shirt that he was wearing did a good job of hiding what was underneath. His body reminded me a bit of Chris Evans’s.

He has some chest hair (in the right amount) and a treasure trail. Quite broad shoulders with nicely defined pectorals and biceps. Erm ... sadly his abs do not complement his upper body.

If any of you had been there, I am certain you would be staring at him too. He was still on the huge rock and I was about a storey lower on the ground. Someone in our group, Eric initiated first contact. This was what transpired (which I found out later).

Eric: So you are here with your girlfriend?
SG : Oh no. I am here with the Fat Guy and he brought the other two girls with him. I am not really close to the girls. What about you guys?
Eric: We are a group of people who are into hiking and outdoor activities. As you can see, we are all guys only, no girls.
SG : Interesting. I am in a group which does a lot of hiking too.

By then, it was almost time for us to leave. As usual, we have a group picture taken. Who else but SG who was the ideal person to do so?

We climbed up onto the rock and he stood below to take photos of us.

There were four cameras passed to SG. When he was done with one, another was passed to him. And there were a few of us who were left out and joined in later and SG had to take the photos all over again.

I reckon we spent about five minutes for the photo-taking alone.

I had a feeling it was done rather deliberately. Not that I am complaining.

A cute shirtless guy with a delicious body snapping photos of us, surely it wouldn’t hurt to prolong that as long as possible. One smart (opportunistic?) guy even took a photo of SG from our vantage point. Not sure whether SG realized that or not, but I (and a few others) did.

Though I am pretty sure SG wouldn’t mind either, as I sensed a bit of an exhibitionist in him. He seemed to be strutting around and posing whenever he could. Or perhaps that was his way to test our reaction?

As we were leaving, the one who snapped SG’s photo took the opportunity to ask for his email, on the pretext of sending him the pictures. That was pure genius. In addition, Eric had gotten his phone number earlier.

At that time, I still have no idea whether he was straight or not. On our trek back to the entrance, that was when I found out about SG’s conversation with Eric. So based on that, it seems to imply that he does play on our team or at least, both teams.

Of course I wasn’t the only one who was excited about this err ... news. Though there was someone who admonished and said, "Geez ... just because he is cute, you think he is gay." Though the evidence point to the contrary.

Someone in our group, who did not go into the water with us, pointed out that SG kept looking at us while we were in the water.

Anyway, after we came out from the jungle, we drove to Ulu Yam for lunch. We had the famous "loh mee".

Finally, I reached home at five.

Overall, it was an enjoyable trip, in more ways than I had expected. Can't wait for the next one, coz who knows, SG might join us.

[This trip was organised by LPG-Adventurer, which is a group of people interested in outdoor activities.]

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