Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sweat the small stuff

Relationships are hard work. Two people, with all their imperfections trying to create something fulfilling, meaningful and mutually beneficial.

No relationship is without its arguments and disagreements. It is how it is solved that matters.

Experts always warn about issues like money, children, chores and other differences in expectations of major issues as main conflict points. But sometimes and possibly quite often too, it is the small things. Little things that no one expect to be an issue become one.

There must exist the commitment to overcome them. That the relationship is more important than issues. Give and take has to occur. Patience, buckets of them, are needed.

Ultimately, communication is key. Problems cannot be solved by keeping quiet. Issues will not go away just because it is not spoken.

For me, I am glad that my relationship has been going well despite some hiccups. There are things which I do not like and do not understand, but I do or not do them because Nyk is happier that way. And he does the same.

Because of that, our relationship continues to grow and strengthen.


Takashi said...

its good to hear both of u are doing well.....

Cheryl said...

DD, Sai meng nyer... :P
(jemur nyawa) --- my colleague learnt that fast from me . haha

Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

Like I said to William before, love between 2 people requires both to give and take equally, not one-sided. And of course bidirectional communication is equally as important too. My ex was pampered by me too much and most of the time, I belanja him for dinner and meals. I have actually wished my role is reversed, so that I feel that someone cares for me, and yes, I do strongly believe in give and take roles by both parties.

Ban said...

Aiyo, sampai both of you blogged about it? How bad did it get? @.@

Derek said...

Hi guys, thanks for the concern. Nyk and I are OK now. We strive to make it work and it takes a lot of patience and understanding from both of us ;-)