Sunday, February 01, 2009

How now, brown cow

I am back in Singapore and tomorrow it's back to work for me, while Nyk has still another day off (it's a replacement public holiday for tomorrow in KL).

My parents was quite worried about my job, what with reports of companies cutting jobs everyday. No wonder they are spooked! Still, I think I am pretty safe. No signs of bad new yet. No new is good news, I suppose.

Still, I understand that there are still vacancies available in my line of work. So it's not as bleak as other industries.

CNY this year has been pretty quiet. I didn't go out much for pai nien as most of my friends have gone back to work on Wednesday itself. It was only Nyk and SK who came for visit on the second day. That's about it.

I also got to savour my favourite pineapple tarts. The traditional ones, not those where the jam is wrapped or covered.

This trip back to KL was quite fruitful, as I got to spend quite a bit of time with Nyk. We went to this restaurant called The Cave, where the interior was designed to look like well ... a cave. It was a pretty interesting concept and it was definitely reflected in the food prices.

We ordered the set lunches. The food was decent, but nothing great.

On Saturday, there was a gathering of my high school friends in the afternoon but unfortunately I was already on the bus ride back to Singapore.

A new start to the working year. Here's wishing everyone a good start to the Year of the Brown Cow, which actually starts this Wednesday.


Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

Well, hope nothing bad happens. Life is like the economy, got ups and downs. Enjoy life while you can. Don't worry much about work. There's always happy times ahead.

Ban said...

You were back in KL! Pity I wasn't around. But if I knew, I'd have asked you to give 'the genie' a poke.

Derek said...

Mannpriedo: Thanks for the words of encouragement! Hugs

Ban: Yeah, it was a pity. But my schedule was pretty packed too ;-)