Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hidden trail

I took half day of work a few days ago to go trekking, right in this urban city of Singapore. I wouldn't have thought that the city has something like this to offer, what with the low Bukit Timah as the highest natural ground in Singapore.

I was with PL and her two friends. Our objective was to see the Henderson Wave. It is the tallest pedestrian bridge in Singapore and its shaped like a wave, hence the name.

We started trek started from somewhere near Vivocity, after having lunch at Superdog. As an aside, it was my first time eating at Superdog and I quite like the fish burger that they serve. Oh, their fries come with a beef-and-onion sauce, which I think is similar to the kind of sauce on A&W's coney dog. The fries were lovely when eaten with the sauce.

Anyway, we started with the Marang trail and ended up at Mt Faber. Mt Faber is where the expensive Jewel Box is, which houses a few high-end restaurants that has a wonderful view of the harbour and Sentosa.

View from Mt Faber, at the Jewel Box

The weather was just great with the sun mostly hidden behind clouds. It was a pleasant hike to Mt Faber. It is like trekking in wild forests, but with nicely paved paths. Not quite back to nature where the trail itself would be soil and not tiles or cement.

Some of the fauna which we managed to catch sight of.

The lizard above was pretty well camouflaged on the ground but one of us manage to spot it. Its shiny scales were deceiving; I thought it was a very short snake. But really, it was beautiful and utterly motionless while we were snapping pictures 3 feet away.

Finally we reached Henderson Waves. It looks like the deck of a ship with its wooden floor and sail-like wave design. There was a cool breeze blowing which enhanced the effect of being on a ship.

From Mt Faber to Henderson Wave, it took us about 2 hours as we stopped quite often to take pictures. I was pleasantly surprised by the very existence of this trail. Indeed, one of the hidden gems in Singapore.


Twilight Zone said...

OMG you made my saliva drip with your food description.... I love the Henderson Waves! It is so damn nice that I really wanna drive there fast to walk around. Thanks for sharing. Anymore dude?

vern said...

really beautiful....what a wonderful way to spend the day. the bridge is terrific...thanks for taking me along..ha.

KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

aiya SG forest where got fun 1. come msia jungle. got tigers n wild boars. more fun. :P

M.P. said...

Should have gone on the Forest Trail and Canopy walk (between the Henderson Wave and Alexandra Arch). Though not that very exciting, but at least still got chance to get close to nature on this tiny island? Haha~

Kenji said...

Haha I'm invading your blog!! Yes yes... I know it's weird, but I decide that I should keep in touch with everyone... ! :P

Jaded_Jeremy said...

Chey, I thought what trail that's hidden. Got my imagination in overdrive.

Derek said...

Twilight Zone: Haha ... thanks. A bit kua zhang. You should go try the food yourself ;-)

vern: No problem. We enjoyed your company.

koala: I know la, but since I am in Singapore, I have to do make do with what they have here lor.

MP: Next time la. Too tired to trek the remaining 2.3 km to Hort Park.

Kenji: I won't call this invading, but yeah, glad you're started to keep in touch with everyone again ;-)

Jaded Jeremy: I know you have a VERY active imagination ;-)

William said...

I wanna go!