Saturday, January 05, 2008


2007 came and went. To me, the whole year seemed to be a non-event, an almost flat line on a graph.

Nothing especially memorable happened in 2007. Well, Nyk did come into life and I am grateful that he still is beside me all these while putting up with my temperaments. But my previous exes all appeared in January anyway, so the event wasn’t special. The person is and it is Nyk.

Maybe work is beginning to dull my sense of time and memory.

One of colleagues mentioned that holidays are definitive moments in a year, as work tends to be the same over time and nothing distinguishes work anyway. Work is work.

As such, highlights for the year would be my trip to China and Taiwan. I have never been to two different countries within a year. I have not even been on a trip with Nyk yet, but hopefully that would change come July.

Nyk did say I watched too damn many movies!

Oh, I ended 2007 with a little splurge on a gadget. It is a Canon A720IS camera, which I have wanted since November.

And this is my last meal of the year, pork ribs at Cafe Cartel, taken with my new camera.

I didn't bother to go anywhere for countdown, as the crowds just drive me crazy.

Wishing everyone a great 2008!


Janvier said...

How is it possible to watch too many movies?

Happy 2008!

savante said...

Send the ribs over dammit.

JL said...

read: Nyk Nyk Nyk


cheers to a greater 2008!

William said...

He let me choose between movies and clubbing, I chose movies in a heartbeat.


Jaded_Jeremy said...

Yes! You watched and still is watching way too many movies. Omg, I thought I was the only one who thought so.

How's this for New Year's resolution: pick up tennis/ping pong ;-)

Ban said...

Derek has always been happening. But will he draw Nyk to the dark side this year? Nyk nyk nyk...

thompsonboy said...

get on with the program already....go for sex holiday like right NOW

Derek said...

janvier: I don't know either, but Nyk says it's possible ;P

savante: Would love to, they are so sinfully unhealthy haha

JL: Thanks. You too! *hugs*

william: Is it? Would love to go clubbing with you again dear.

jaded_jeremy: Your ideas are all self-serving hmmm

And no, I don't there is such a thing as watch too many movies ;)

ban: What dark side? I'm always on the good side *grins*

thompsonboy: Oh yes we will haha In a few months time ;)