Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Everyday is Nyk-day

On Wednesday
Me: When are we back going back to grandma's house, Friday or Saturday?
Mom: Not sure yet. Why? What plans you have that you can't wait?
Me: Just want to meet up with a friend.
Mom: Who? Nyk?
Me: Yeah.

On Thursday
Mom: Who are you going out with?
Me: Nyk.

On Friday, at Midvalley
Mom: Who are you meeting for dinner later?
Me: Nyk. He's coming here to Midvalley after work.

On Saturday
Mom: Who are you going yam cha with?
Me: Nyk.

Mom: You and him very close ar? You talk on the phone with him so much and you still want to meet him.
Me: *smiles*

Hope you get well soon, my dearest Nyk *hugs*


Ban said...

Nyk nyk nyk... hope you two had lovely se...a lovely time. ;)

Jason said...

Wah... manisnya

William said...

Hehe, baby made me smile very widely!

Everyday is KH-Day too!


Jaded_Jeremy said...

Wahhh interesting conversation ar.

savante said...

Wah,you very closeto Nyk ah :P

JoeRy said...

i so know how this feels, one time joe's mum were nagging cause he spend too much time with me.

Derek said...

ban: Haha... naughty naughty! ;P

jason: Mau kurang gula ke?

William: *hugs* baby back

jaded jeremy: Yup, interesting! ;P

savante: Obviously! XD

joery: Yeahlah, you hog Joel all the time! LOL

Musang said...

omg... so sweet... i dont know how my mom would react if one day she finds out that i DO date men like she has suspected before.


anyway, happy new year to u!!