Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two famous deaths in a week

I was quite sad to find out yesterday that Heath Ledger was found dead in his rented apartment. He didn't seem like those troubled actors and it was shocking news indeed.

Of course, he was most famous for his role in Brokeback Mountain, as Ennis Del Mar. He was the more closeted one and in his situation in that era, I suppose it was understandable. I couldn't understand what he said half the time LOL But he did a wonderful job playing the role of wanting and yearning to be together but yet unable to.

The other movie with him in it which I have watched was Ten Things I Hate About You. I think he was great in the movie too. I watched a little of A Knight's Tale, but I skipped The Patriot.

His most high profile role would have been as the Joker, in the upcoming The Dark Knight. Though I wouldn't have imagined him pulling it off as the Joker, but I would hold my judgment till the movie is released. From his acting thus far, I think it is highly probably that he would have made Joker believable as a maniacally evil and crazy villain.

I agree with most that it is a great loss for the acting world.

And just last week, a lesser known actor Brad Renfro was found dead too. He was deemed a rising child actor in the 1990's, starring in The Client opposite Tom Cruise.

One of Renfro's more memorable movie was Apt Pupil, with Ian McKellan. He was a talented actor too, but obviously was more troubled and had run-ins with the law. His more recent movies were small roles and were quite forgettable.

The thing I look forward to now is to wait for the screening of The Dark Knight.


William said...

The passing of another star in his prime. The Renfro guy still doesn't ring a bell.

Daniel Henry said...

HELLO what you mean lesser known! like... brad is so known! T_T... *piaks william*
just because he decided to shade away from the limelight doesn't mean he was popular back then. T_T tragic~