Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Animals, blood, food

It is already mid week and here I am blogging about what happened over the weekend.

It was quite an eventful one, where I went for the Night Safari, my second time in two years. It was quite enjoyable, though it vaguely seemed similar as they didn't seem to have added any new animals.

On Sunday, I finally went for blood donation which has been postponed three times, twice being Lloyd was ill. Apparently, my timing couldn't have been better as I received an SMS from the blood bank stating, "Dear O Blood Donors, your blood type is urgently needed ....". According to Jaded Jeremy, it was even mentioned on the radio that the blood is in short supply.

All I wanna say is that, Wow, I'm very much impressed by how technology is put to good use!

The prick on the finger to test for iron sufficiently was surprisingly more painful than usual. Heck, it is even painful now if I press on the spot.

The blood donation went well, and quickly too as the blood bag filled up in less than eight minutes. I don't remember having it over with so quickly. Apparently, the fastest time clocked was four minutes. That guy's blood must be gushing out like mad!

Anyway, there is a very good advertisement on blood donation which was played on the MRT stations a couple of months ago. I searched on YouTube but couldn't find it though. In addition, newspapers recently are also mentioning about it frequently. Just yesterday, there was an article called "Why Singaporeans Shun Blood Donation".

All these visibility and publicity is good if it gets people to do donate blood, especially those who never did. But the main thing that struck me was how this is almost unimaginable in Malaysia.

It was also Anson's birthday on Sunday so we had lunch at Vivocity. Then I went for a movie called Dan in Real Life, which is really excellent. Seldom has a movie made me laugh and cry and root for the main character so much, played by Steve Carell (Evan Almighty). Juliette Binoche is also great playing the woman of his dreams.

This movie is highly recommended by me. And according to IMDB, many seem to agree.

Dinner was in Vivocity again, at Marche. Wasn't really hungry, so just had a crepe and took some bites of other people's food.

Two weeks ago, I was at this new Japanese restaurant at Cathay and the food there was quite good. Prices were quite reasonable and the portions were generous. I especially like their grilled mushrooms wrapped in bacon. The mushrooms were full of flavour and juice. The sashimi was quite good too.

There is no menu. We have to go around and pick what we want to order. Pictures and names of ramen, sashimi, tempura, etc were displayed. If we want something, we had to pick up an ice cream stick with the food's name on it and pass them to the staff at the checkout counter.

And one of the items available was this.


Queer Ranter said...

Wah Godfather seems really busy collecting debts from all those places yea. :P

William said...

*kiss kiss* baby's finger...

Magus Young said...

ooo i absolutely loovvee blood donations esepcically when the bag is filled up with warm blood. Its warm and the closest thing to a baby we'd ever have


Ban said...

...ika? I don't get it.

magus, that's so yucky! Blek.

Jaded_Jeremy said... what about the Ika? I don't get it.

I do remember an advert for blood donation on S'pore tv. It shows someone on the road, appeared injured from an accident. Then slowly more and more bystanders gather around doing nothing to help. Then came along ex-Miss Singapore and now Nominated MP, Eunice Olsen, offering her hand to the injured person and the scene suddenly change to a rooom where she's donating blood.

Basically, the message is that by not donating blood (if you're able) is as good as standing by watching someone injured and not helping.

savante said...

So do go around donating blood then. You don't have to wait for blood drives. Blood banks in town are always open for donation.

Derek said...

queer ranter: Huh? What debt?

william: *kiss kiss* baby's lips ;P

magus young: Hmmm, don't think those blood bags remind me of babies though. You're weird LOL

ban: Er .. it's OK.

jaded_jeremy: Quite a good analogy.

savante: I'll bring him the next time LOL