Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jumping ship

As our job takes up at least one-third of our adult life, it is only logical that we should find one where it makes happy or at least not too unhappy.

For me, being able to learn new things and do interesting projects are important. Money is not really an issue, but of course it doesn't mean that I can be exploited or be severely underpaid for what I do.

In addition, I want someone who is able to guide me when the need arises. I believe that I have much more to learn and the availability of someone more experienced would be essential.

The people whom I work with are important too. The particular something that needs to be done may be shitty, but if I have a group of wonderful people with me in the same shit, then well, it sure helps a lot.

And currently, the people that I work with are just great, the best so far that I have worked with. Heck, they are just marvellous people with a great sense of humour and lots of fun. All of us are in the same age group and this is our second or third workplace.

It is thus with great sadness that I have to bid them adieu very soon. They know the reason I am leaving and they understand. They will miss me and I would miss them too. I really hope that we would still be friends and keep in touch.

A new year, a new start in a new workplace.


Jaded_Jeremy said...

All the best. IMHO, don't have high expectations when you start your new job. Can always hope of course.

William said...

Baby feel that you're abandoning your colleagues during a bad time? They'll do fine... at least you'll only leave after the year end closing. Time to escape the stupid earthquakes! Yay!

Ban said...

Yay, change of workplace! Tell us how the new wrokplace is, alright?

Queer Ranter said...

Lu cabut pigi mana?

savante said...

Eh, so sekarang pergi mana? Pulau Batam?

Will said...

Change can renew your excitement...good luck!