Sunday, June 17, 2007


Someone has been bugging me to update my blog, which admittedly has not been very up-to-date.

Let's see. To recap, from last month, some interesting things which happened.

On the first weekend of the Great Singapore Sale, I spent close to $500. That is like the single most expensive shopping day I have ever had! I know it may not be much to all those shopaholics out there, but it's like the highest ever, even in absolute amount and without conversion to Ringgit.

I bought a pair of shoes which cost $380, a shirt from Topman and a little something for Nyk from Bods Bodynits (I know, the gay brand).

What else happened?

Oh yeah, I thought that this would be the last time that I would be asked for my age. But evidently, it was not.

On my flight to Shanghai on Singapore Airlines, the stewardess asked my colleague and I whether we wanted wine. I said yes, white wine please and my colleague wanted red wine.

The flight attendant looked at me and asked, "Sir, may I know how old are you?"

I was like, too shocked to reply.

My colleague said, "Trust me, he's old enough." And I managed to answer "I am twenty one six."

She gave me a glass of wine and then said, "Sorry. Take that as a compliment then."

Erm, OK.

I wasn't actually ecstatic, but neither was I happy. I did try to look on the bright side and yeah, probably she couldn't see very well that means I still look young.

I haven't mentioned about the men in Shanghai, have I? Well, there weren't many cute ones which caught my eye. Out of the six days I was there, less than 10 I met on the streets which I consider cute.

Probably it's just me and my preference. For others, the whole street of Chinese men with rosy cheeks might be just up their alley.

I did see a young guy who was shirtless while I was sightseeing. His body was wonderful, tight abs and defined pecs.

My first thought was, "Wow, this is my first look of an actual Chinese meat guy's body."

My second thought was, "Damn, where's my camera?"

As I was about to take a shot, he had walked past me and was quite a distance away. I couldn't possibly turn back and take a picture without coming out with a good excuse to my colleague. I don't think "Oh, I missed a piece of scenery back there. Give me a minute OK?" would work.

Just last Friday, I hinted heavily of my sexual orientation to my colleagues. Somehow, we were talking about manicures and pedicures amongst ourselves, three guys and a girl. One of the guys said that he wouldn't do a manicure, but he would consider a pedicure.

Let me state for a fact that the two of them are straight. As an arrow.

Hearing that, I was a little surprised. I mean, why be receptive to one and not the other?

I think he said something like, "Oh, pedicures they really remove those dead skin cells and it's good la. Can do once every few months."

I was like, "Why pay other people to do that? I scrub my feet every other day and I use moisturizer on them."

Hope that wasn't too much information, guys.

Anyway, my colleague replied, "Really? You are the only guy I know who does that. I mean, no one I know would do that. Really metrosexual. Why would you do that? Who looks at your feet?"

*rolls eyes*

"I like to have smooth feet can or not? I have a foot fetish."

Actually, I don't.

"Can, as long as you declare it."


Yeah, I have weird colleagues.


Ban said...

OOoooh! Derek got foot fetish! I must check someone's feet to see what you see in them. :P

Queer Ranter said...

How come you didn't go goo goo gaa gaa with my foot when I was there?! :P

Well come back lad. :)

Musang said...
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Musang said...

foot fetish?!!

i think i saw one video with foot fetish thingie...

**immediately bukak porn archive.**

William said...

Yes, you still look young. :P

Note to self: Pay more attention to the feet!

Imeku said...

Thank you for your comment on my blogs. I worked in Shanghai for the last 2 years. I just came back to KL on 28 May 2007.
So you are working and living in the Lion City, uh?

Sam said...

I'm always complaining that people think I'm so old.

I take that back. :P

Derek said...

All: For the last time, I.DO.NOT.HAVE.A.FOOT.FETISH.

William: I'm glad to hear that, dear.

Imeku: Yups, I am in Singapore. Plan to come down for a visit? ;P

Sam: Yeah, you probably shouldn't complain about that anymore.

thompsonboy said... DO look underage.