Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Real men don't speed

Thanks to Howsy for this information.

You think it will work in Australia? I mean, straight man and their ideas on manhood and manliness, it just might. Most of them can't bear the idea of being thought of as less than a man, or worse, sissy or womanly.

Straight brain: If I am not a man means I am a woman which means I might be gay and arrrgh! I don't want to penetrated!

Wonder if it would work in Malaysia? I mean, Male Chauvinist Pigs MPs make degrading jokes about women "bocor" (leaking) monthly, surely they are man enough to accept an advertisement about them not a man by speeding?

Article taken from BBC.

Australian drivers hit below belt

A new Australian ad campaign is seeking to reduce road deaths by questioning the manhood of speeding drivers.

The series of TV ads shows women shaking their little finger - a gesture used to symbolise a small penis - as speeding male motorists race past.

The $A1.9m (£805,400, US$1.6m) campaign aims to make speeding socially unacceptable among young drivers.

The "Speeding. No-one Thinks Big of You" campaign will run on TV, in cinemas, at bus shelters and online.

The shock tactics of previous adverts that showed disturbing images of death and injury in road crashes have not worked, says the New South Wales state government authority behind the ads, the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA).

Exposure to "computer games, modern media ... and horror films" had desensitised many young males to the violent images of those campaigns, RTA spokesman John Whelan told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

The new ads include one young driver revving his engine and rushing through traffic lights in front of two young women and another racing past a female pedestrian.

After both incidents the women wave their little fingers in slow motion with knowing glances.

"We will do what we feel we have to, to get the message through," Mr Whelan said.

Speeding is a factor in about 40% of road deaths in NSW each year, according to RTA figures.

The ad campaign coincides with the introduction of new restrictions on learner drivers, including a ban on all mobile phone use, limits on the number of young passengers allowed and tougher speeding penalties.

This is the TV advert.


William said...

I doubt the campaign will work le. Fast cars. Fast women. Heh.

Until now, smoking is considered cool. Way to go, Joe Camel!

savante said...

Whatever it is, I find it hilarious!

Jaded_Jeremy said...

It is both funny and ridiculous! Who on earth would believe that? What more to stop smoking? Probably smokers will laugh at it as a desperate feeble attempt to get them quit.

anthony wong said...

seeing that advert, I think the advertisers made a mistake using those two sexy looking guys to drive the car. The message I got fr the advert, was this...
'it is even more sexy to drive fast', and the women models that they use to show the pinky are not very sexy so I would think any straight man watching this advert will ask themselves
'who cares what they think?' This advert fails because of the use of inappropriate models. If they had used ugly men drivers and sexy looking women, it might work.

rad said...

lol, seriously do they think that it has the chance to deter people from speeding?