Saturday, June 23, 2007

Electric Dreams

I had a very interesting dream last night because I seldom have or remember them.

For the first time, Nyk was in it.

We were all at this rich colleague's house. I have been to her actual house before, which is a double story house in a gated community. In my dream, the house grew another two floors below. Basically, it was a huge house, with nice furnishings and many butlers and maids.

The group of use were staying over a few nights to go for outings somewhere. This part is a bit vague.

What I do remember is that I was sharing a room with an attaching bathroom, with a couple. A gay one at that. I was coming out from the shower and they were in the room. They went into the shower together and when they emerged, asked me whether I could leave the room or not.

And so I left.

In the dream, I was dating this high school friend of mine, who is completely straight. Well, I did harbour a crush on him back then, but it was only a little. There were another person whom I liked more at the time.

Anyway, I was dating him, Lanky Larry. For a straight person, he was treating m very well (Nyk said: Duh! He's dating you.) He still had this very heterosexual character and personality about him.

I got the feeling that, he's as straight as they come, except for the fact that he's dating me. He was like trying to win me over, but I wasn't warming up to him.

Surprisingly, Lanky Larry wasn't staying together with us at the posh house.

And where does Nyk come into play?

Nyk was staying in another room. He was still treating me very nice, still cared for me (which would imply that we used to be together).

I distinctly remember that I still longed for him, still wanted to be together with him. I felt happy when I was with him, but I didn't know how to tell him that.

Finally, I decided to bring him into the basement to have a personal chat with him. I remembered the part when I asked him to go with me and as we descended the metallic staircase into the basement we couldn't keep our hands to ourselves and we ravished each other there and then ..... the dream ended.

Yeah, my dreams are usually squeaky clean ;P


Imeku said...

Well, it looks like a wet dream to me. But not knowing the history of your relationship with nyk, I could not comment more.
When dreams are so vivid and remembered for every minute details, they became part of our live's memory, a leaf from the book of our lives.
Maybe it is a longing for somebody.

Queer Ranter said...

Well sounds like someone is in need of a fix eh?

*wink wink

Ryan said...

hmmm....! I'm getting unfabulous headaches just reading between the lines of your dream. What could it all mean!

William said...

To dump me for a breeder then want to get back together. Hmph.

But I'll take you back... :P

Word Verification: TAKBJ :P

JL said...

fuiyoh... basement lagi... ada prop ke? :P

Derek said...

imeku: Don't know what it means either O.o Either I miss him a lot or I love him a lot or both ;P

queer ranter: Yeah, two months already lor! LOL

ryan: Don't make yourself unfabulous just because of my dreams! ;P

william: Hehe ... so sweet, wanna take me back *hugs*

JL: Dream didn't continue that far le ... haha