Sunday, June 10, 2007

Filler post

Haven't been blogging this month and still haven't got the mood to blog yet.

This will be a short one. Was in China for a week, from 31st May till 6th June. Mostly I was in Hangzhou, a city described as
"Above is heaven, below is Hangzhou" goes a famous Chinese saying that pretty well describes the glamorous city of Hangzhou! With its amazing scenery and fascinating cultural attractions, Hangzhou is indeed heaven on earth!"

Actually, the saying includes Suzhou too. Suzhou has more man-made beauty while Hangzhou has more natural sceneries.

Hangzhou really is a city in a garden. The top tourist spot in China, which naturally made the whole city a giant tourist trap.

Will blog about my trip the next time.

Anyway, I shall leave you guys with a cute model ;P

Imagine you're a huge huge fan of Enrique Iglesias. And imagine him serenading his hit song "Hero" to you, like this:

Isn't that like, the coolest thing ever?


savante said...

Surprisingly though I loved Suzhou more - wasn't that impressed with Hangzhou.

William said...

Above is Heaven, below is KH...

Ban said...

*looks at william's comment* WAAAAAAH! I know who's on top on bottom liao!

William said...

It's all realtive bunny... depends on the "perspective". Hehe. Keep on guessing.

Justin L said...

hello paul... justin here... remember me? its been a long time!