Thursday, December 14, 2006

Spoilt Sunday

Can't believe like that this is only the third post of the month!

I have been working quite late this past week, staying till about 11 p.m. in the office. I know that to some of you, that is like nothing. Seriously, I don't know how you guys do it.

I haven't the faintest idea how investment bankers do it either. Day in, day out, 100 hours per week. But of course, they get paid like 20 times what I earn, or more.

On the other hand, I shouldn't be complaining. Someone else is even more busy at work till the boyfriend feels neglected!

I was invited to attend Alex's (such a dear!) gathering last weekend, but unfortunately I wasn't in KL. Thanks, Alex. Will make it up to you!

Last Sunday, I was at Sungai Buloh Wetland Reserve (Singapore, not the Sungai Buloh in KL). It's basically a mangrove area gazetted as a national park, so that it can't be developed into something like, say the Integrated Resort (which Genting won the bid to the Sentosa's one last Saturday). As it is winter now in the northern hemisphere, the reserve is like a pitstop for migratory birds, similar to Tanjong Tuan in Melaka.

And now for some photos.

Stick insect


Red pincer crab



More of them birds


After that, Lloyd and I rushed to Plaza Singapura to catch Quinceañera, a gay-themed film rated M18 (Mature 18) which has received quite good reviews.

At the ticket counter, I was asked to produce a photo ID. Now, it's not a must to carry my Malaysian I/C here, which was why I didn't. I only carry my employment pass, something like a work permit card, but which doesn't have a photo, just the date of birth.

But the ticketing guy let me buy a ticket anyway.

At the entrance to the cinema halls, this old man requested for my ID too. I thought the ticketing guy allowed me to buy the tickets, surely this old man was going to give me much trouble.

But jeunowat, he did! He bloody denied me entry, in front of all the other patrons! I was too shocked and my jaw nearly dropped!

Hello, I may look young, but definitely not THAT young. I think it happened, probably because of him being a stickler for rules and not using common sense.

I was totally pissed. Even though the ticket was refunded, but I actually rushed all the way there (a 40-minute train ride) and had a quick bite ... all gone to waste.

Yeah, I know, people kept telling me that I should be happy that I was mistaken for a 18 year old, but hey, it was an old uncle ... not some cute guy! So no consolation there.

But someone was around and tried to make me feel better.

And honestly, I would rather have watched the movie instead. I mean, I am a practical person. Indirect compliments or implied ones don't make up for it.

Fortunately, I was sufficiently entertained by a hula hoop competition for kids at the shopping mall. The kids were damn cute with their concentrated expressions and desire to outdo each other. It was really funny and the MC was hilarious too!

I had a really good laugh watching them performed.

Did a little Christmas shopping after that and then headed for home.


Yen said...

Good to see you out and about. Sungei Buloh is really pretty, but I don't care much for the insects....

Ban said...

Gaaaaay movie? Being mistaken for being under 18? Hah, you should show him the drunken prawn routine! That'll show him! ;)

(having trouble logging in nowadays)

quicksilverlining said...

i'm interning at an investment bank. i stick to regular working hours. all those crazy analysts can stay till 12 if they want to. i go back at 6, ESPECIALLY since i don't get OT.

JL said...

Hi Derek,

I've been to the place you're talking about a few times. Never knew the name though but i thought it's near to Kuala S'gor?

Anyway have a great weekend cheers

Alex said...

You owe me one! Hahahaah....

pluboy@takashi said...

lol... phreak.. come back kl neva buzz me.. u wan die lor!!!

hehe i go sin i wont buzz u either blek.!

Derek said...

yen: Hello yen. Welcome back.

I love nature. I like going for this kind of outings. So what do you go for, if not the insects? ;P

ban: Erm .. how does the drunken prawn routine prove my age, bunny? ;P Under 18s get drunk too, no?

jl: Heh, proves you didn't read my post properly. I was in Singapore la, this Sg Buloh is in Singapore. ;P

alex: Yeah, yeah ...

pluboy: You also didn't read properly. How can I go to Plaza Singapura after that if I was in KL? Hmmph.

JL said...

opps.. paiseh paiseh... *blush*