Sunday, May 27, 2007


Another thing which Rev White shared was how even though he struggled with his for those 30 years when he was married to his wife, he is still a Christian. Even though almost everyone in the church told him that homosexuality is wrong, he was also constantly reminded in his childhood that Jeses loves him. The power of love ultimately triumphs and made him realise that Jesus does love him, for who he is and just the way he is.

He knows that many gay Christians are still Christians because whatever bad experiences they have had with the religion, those experience have only made them stronger and better. It has given them the strength to be themselves and to help others who are struggling. Which was how the church he started grew from less than 100 to more than 10,000.

As he said, gays and lesbians have big spirits and bigger hearts.

In the audience that day, there was a good friend of his (erm, can't remember his name). Let's call him Jeff. Jeff had a similar experience of struggling with his sexuality and he too attempted suicide.

Currently, Jeff is dating a Cambodian, Kim. Jeff came from a strict Christian family and when his father died, he was disinherited from the will. He got nothing. Jeff said, "Well yeah, I lost a couple of million dollars, but what's a couple of million?" He smiled contentedly to Kim.

Yes, being true to yourself and standing up for your own happiness can be costly, in the tune of million dollars.

On the other hand, Kim's family has become Jeff's family. Coming from a Buddhist background which is more tolerant and understanding towards homosexuality, they accepted Jeff and Kim being together. They have been together for three and a half years.

There are military officials who are open-minded about this kind of things. This is not surprising especially those who have fought together with their comrades, straight or gay.

As Rev White said, without gays, there would be no army. If the church is really intent on kicking out priests and bishops who are gays, there won't be many of them left to serve the church ;P

Hell, a lot of things won't exist without us!

"Whenever I am invited to give a talk on homosexuality to university students, the first thing I ask is "Who masturbates?" No one raises their hand. Well, I would say, if none of you ever masturbated, you expect you guys can listen to and accept the topic of homosexuality?"

Sex is not a taboo thing. Only the Catholic church made it so. Abstinence. No contraception. Result: HIV prevalence and the Philippines, respectively.

There are lines in the Bible which encourage people to have sex when they have reach the proper ages.

So did Jesus masturbate? Was Jesus gay?

After all, he was surrounded by men most of the time.

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