Sunday, December 03, 2006

Inebriated II

I have been swamped at work for the past week because of the auditors. In addition, my boss has just left the company.

So now, I am boss-less and manager-less. I deal straight with my MD, which is bad and good.

For the past three weeks, I have been meeting lots of people. Which is good, because I now have people to hang out whenever I need someone. The downside is that I haven't had much time for myself.

For the past four weekends except for this one, I have been out clubbing. I am already tired of it.

It's great when it's with a bunch of friends or when I am really stressed out and need to let my hair down. Otherwise, it's just going for the sake of going.

Besides, I need more than one day to recover. When I reach home in the wee of hours of the morning, I could barely sleep. I am not sure whether it's the alcohol or me taking a longer time to wind down, but I could never sleep soundly. I will probably be awake by 9 am and maybe get a couple of hours of sleep in the afternoon.

I definitely need more than 5 hours of sleep a day!

For every one hour of lost sleep, one needs two hours to compensate. So for the rest of the week, I would be half conscious and zombie-like.

Nothing of significance happened, except that I was at a party on Friday. There was another one yesterday, but I didn't go as I wanted to recuperate from my slightly excessive alcohol binge.

Actually, I do know when to stop. I know what my limits are. I was pretty OK when I left the host's house. But once I got into the car and it started moving, the motion was unbearable and I felt ill.

The alcohol effect was immediate.

I knew where I was and what I was doing. I could hear other people's voices but my eyelids were heavy.

I puked on the roadside and I was taken to a petrol station's toilet to puke some more. But actually there wasn't anything else to come out.

Getting back into the car, there was occasionally the feeling of more wanting to come out, but I think I only puked one more time.

Really, this is the first time I have had it this bad. I still think it was all because of the motion sickness that made it worse.

The other people in the car were kind enough to take good care of me and especially holding the bag for me.

Thanks, guys! Thanks too for guiding me up back to my flat and to the front door.

Anyway, I was identified as a "drunken prawn" in the mailing list the very next day. No thanks to the work of the evil friend who drove me back home.

The drunken prawn got home safely, thanks to all those who nursed him all the way back, although he attracted considerable attention from curious motorists wondering why he was topless, comatose and clutching a plastic bag.

When I left the party, I was looking alright and no way anyone would have thought I would be ill!

Thankfully, I didn't know that many people at the party. Ten, max.

And hopefully, not many remember my name! ;P


k said...

well i hope u're in the mood to party when i'm down :P i'm excited!

its always great to have friends taking care of you when u're ill. some people just wont bother. but still, it sounds like sg's being good to u :)

JL said...

i wholly understand how you felt man...

it happened to me last month but unfortunately i didn't have anyone to send me home. Had to S.O.S mom...malunyer, i told you that didn't i?

Anyway hope you are feeling better now and go slow on the drink next time OK. Cheers

Espion said...

Hahaha, a most familiar story, and nostalgia inducing too. This is one of those boundary limits that you must cross at least once in your young gay partying life. Then you really know your limits. Until then you only thought so.

thompsonboy said...

honey, I puked in the car park. I puked while waiting for the lift (yes, that poor small waste dispenser), I puked when I stop over at the toll...I even sleep near the toilet bowl because I was just too tired to go back and forth...but the best part is...the next day I felt like a brand new person :)

William said...

Semi-naked Drunken Prawn. Bwahaha. Matilah kau. This name is SOOO gonna stick...

Ban said...

Haha, first Louis now you. And without shirt some more, you're so doooomed.

Cybertron said...

tell u what. next time, take 1 or more table spoon of olive oil. alchohol won't be absorbed into ur bloodstream. taking fatty acids will burn it. eg. fat meat, chocolates or butter. secrets of drinking without drunk. lolx. hey dude. pls dont drink n drink man. very bad for your liver when you get old.

defiant85 said...

Wakakakak. Drunken prawn. :P

Anonymous said...

hi prawnie... :) hehehe

Reminds me when I got wasted when I drank 5 different hard liquor within an hour and had to smoked a cigar (first and last time). I kept on muttering the phone number of this particular person over and over again.. friend had to take me home with my mom having a horrid look on her face..

had an 12hr handover the next day... hehe definately an experience I will never forget..

Glad you are fine... speaking of which I had sour prawns for dinner tonite :P

- Vincent

Holden said...

U went topless? Too bad I missed it. Any chance for an encore performance? :P

Drunken Prawn? Very catchy. I think you've found your drag name! :P

Will said...

The topless part sounds like fun to see. More fun than the "I puked on as much of the planet as I could find" part. As far as work goes, hang in there, things will settle down, and maybe when a new boss comes in you can train them to do things YOUR way.

pluboy@takashi said...

hey drunkie prawn.. didnt know u were much worse than me that nite at happy lolx!

drunken prawn. :)

Derek said...

k: Yeah, Sg has been great thus far. But I should really cut down on the alcohol from now on.

JL: Mine was more embarrassing, as there were passersby and my friends. Yours - no one saw what happened. ;P

espion: I don't think this sort experience is limited to the gay community. Straight people have it too LOL

thompsonboy: The last part ... I haven't reached there yet. That's like ... real pro man!

william: If you dare call me that .... matilah kau.

ban: Why am I doomed, bunny? ;P

cybertron: Good tip. Perhaps I'll try the next time.


defiant: Kakaka ... that funny meh? ;P

vincent: 5 different kinds of liquor? 12 hours of hangover? No thanks. Heh.

holden: It seems like I have been topless quite often lately. But what to do, with a bunch of gay guys ... LOL

And no, that name is not catchy at all.

will: That's an idea. But in the mean time, we're understaffed and overworked.

pluboy: No la, you're worse. At least I didn't puke in the car! LOL