Friday, December 08, 2006

Ménage à trois

Can three persons be in a relationship? As in, can a person have two boyfriends and both the boyfriends know each other and all three are in a relationship together?

Please discuss or comment. ;P


Harvey said...

A to B: Do you love me more or love C more?
B to C: Do you love me more or love A more?
C to A: Do you love me more or love B more.

Blah blah blah. I think there can be be 6 forms of these questions.

coolgardy said...

I'm not sure that will work out? Perhaps you experiment and blog out the results later? :)

k said...

u have serious issues! lol i think a 3 way relationship will make things much more if 1-on-1s arent complicating enough! but yeah do tell if u're planning one lol i'm curious too.

William said...

Boooleeeehhhh... apa salanya? In a polygamous relationship. Heh. In a perfect world... :P

Anonymous said...

oh my gawd... nooooooooo

please check into a nearest clinic for observation pls..

- Vincent

Jo said...

It will never work out.. it is so complicated that all you did in the end is to try to untie all the knots.

Ban said...

Possibly, but very, VERY rarely. Normal relationships among 2 gay men are tough enough already; a 3-way relationship is really asking for trouble.

Sometimes, sacrifices must be made, rather than trying to your cake and eat it.

JL said...

It takes 2 to Tango

3... there's a Bravado about it

I'll stick with 2 :)

Espion said...

If A and B are friends, and A and C are friends, and B and C are also friends, all at the same time and all knowingly to each other, this is all ok. No one will blink an eye, or gasp a surprise, that all three are friendly to each other.

And if A and B have and are having regular sex, and so does A and C, and C and B, again all within some same time period and again all knowingly to each other, this is also OK, especially from a gay perspective where sex is free - unless of course you think that sex is only to be had between so-called boyfriends (but then why?); and if you want to have sex with more than one person, as long as it is one after another - ie you call yourself a serial monogamist - it is ok, but not all at the same time, although sometimes you cheat.

But really if it just sex, what does it matter who you have sex with at any one time. So to me again this is not a problem. And from a purely sexual perspective, surely threesomes are more fun than boring one on one, don't you agree?

But the question presupposes the notion of "relationship" is well known and understood, but is it?

For example, is this the kind of relationship that a man is bounded to a woman for life, a notion that comes - and I think only - from the bible? And even in the bible monogamy is not the norm, eg Abraham, David, Solomon, etc.

But why should a gay relationship be modeled after something that is not even working for heterosexuals? and has it roots in something that is seemingly anti-gay?

So perhaps the gay ought to ask himself what is this "relationship" that he wants from another or others - that "relationship" that is seemingly an unattained, unknown goal for every gay - and to unbound himself from any shackles imposed by defunct ancient notions or irrelevant societal norms etc etc. And thus let him shape, define, and make for himself what he wants for himself and let no one tell what it ought to be: what ought to be is what works for him, period.

But then again this "relationship" is supposedly to be obviously "love" - but again what is love?

For can I not love A and B simultaneously and completely and fully, and B and C mutually and similarly love each other in the same manner to?

But then you may say that the lover's love is not the same as the love of friends, namely that the latter needs sex.

But does it?

pakcik said...

a friend of mine had this 3 way relationship n all of them know each other. till today, after a year, 3 of them still together.

so, i guess, i can work, but depends on how u want to see it. one is top, one is btm n one is versatile.

Alex said...

Definitely a strong "NO" from me. But that's just me. I heard about such relationships. Still, I say no to polygamous relationship.