Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My fairy lad

I know most of my readers are not straight and many of us would have, some time or another while we younger, liked a straight guy and wished he would like us back.

I know I did. But I realised there's no point in loving someone who wouldn't love me back, straight or gay.

Anyway, I thought that this would capture the meaning quite accurately and amusingly too LOL

Oh, and I just watched this movie called Queer Duck: The Movie and there was a scene where Queer Duck was deciding which Broadway to watch.

My fair lady becomes My fairy lad, by bringing forward the letter Y. ;P

Romanovsky & Phillips - Give Me A Homosexual
(For all the straight men who think that every gay man is out to seduce them, and for those gay men who indeed are.)

With so many gay men and so little time
It never has been an obsession of mine
To try and pursue heterosexual men
The ones who are real or the ones who pretend

That kind of facade's not attractive to me
I like my lovers as queer as can be
Give me a homosexual
Who loves in a homoemotional way
I like a man of acceptance
Give me a guy who is glad to be gay

Now to some of my peers its the ultimate thrill
Seducing a straight man by bending his will
But I am a man who loves men who love men
And that is of course what I most recommend

While I'm sure there are men who just need some unstraightening
I haven't the patience to be educating

Give me a homosexual
One who's perfected his oral technique
I like a man who's had practice
Give me a guy who is fluent in Greek

And I don't understand all those classified ads
Filled with desires that I've never had
"Straight-looking Marine seeks straight cop to please..."
How straight do they look when they're down on their knees?

It's a taste that I've never been able to savor
This preoccupation with sexist behavior
And people will ask us "Which one's the girl?"
'Cause they limit themselves to those roles in their world
But we don't have any such models to clone
We're perfectly free to develop our own

Give me a homosexual
I don't want a husband and I don't want a wife
I like a man who's my equal
Someone who's made it the style of his life

Give me a homosexual
Who loves in a homoemotional way
I like a man of acceptance
Give me a guy who is glad to be gay


defiant85 said...

*wave wave

I'M GAY~~~

*wave wave

Jay said...

I'm most annoyed by straight men who assume that ALL gay men are after them. And these are usually the ugliest bastards in the world, too.

Harvey said...

The lyrics is so shallow

Anonymous said...

It's true, I think we've all had our moments for falling for straight men. Straight men don't find this as problematic because hey, girl-on-girl is hot, right? It's human nature to be self-centred. As a gay man, one lingering look from a guy and I'm wondering if he's checking me out. Maybe I just look funny.

savante said...

Shallow but hilarious lyrics! Love them especially the down on your knees bit on the straight cops :)


joshua said...

Honey, I'd take a flaming hot homosexual anytime!!!

Ah ditto Paul on the lyrics.

Will said...

Too funny! I saw Romanovsky and Phillips in concert about 10 years ago and met up with them afterwards. They were really nice guys. My favorite song by them was "Why is the Homosexual Always the Last to Know?" Too true, very often other people have us figured out before we figure ourselves out.

onegayboy said...

Hmm. Straight men are so... well... straight. Difficult for me to imagine falling for one. Haha

But good lyrics though. Thanks for sharing.

Derek said...

defiant85: Yeah, yeah, we all know that ;P

jay: Now, now, let's not generalise Jay dear ... LOL

harvey: They are shallow, but aren't they funny too? XD

cliff: Straight men are just insecure. Or most of them are. ;P

savante: Why that doesn't surprise me?

joshua: You've got quite a good catch there already what! ;P

will: Hmmm, gotta look up the lyrics for that! Thanks.

onegayboy: You're welcome. And welcome to my blog!