Sunday, August 13, 2006


For Singapore's National Day celebration, there were four fireworks display scheduled for the previous Saturday, Tuesday (National Day eve), Friday and yesterday. All of them were at the Esplanade.

I didn't plan on going for any of those, but it so happened that I called one of my colleagues last Saturday and he said he was going for the first one, which was by the Italian team.

It was a wonderful and marvellous display of colours. Although it was not entirely in-sync with the music, it was still simply amazing.

As such, I was looking forward to watching the finale yesterday, which was by the French team.

I went with the same bunch of people as the last one, which were my colleague QF, his ex, HR who was also the birthday boy, HR's adopted brother, B and his wife, B's brother and two other people.

How I got to know QF was quite interesting in itself, which I shall leave for another post.

As the waitress for taking our drink orders, it was let slip by QF that HR was the birthday boy. Let's call the waitress SR.

SR: Happy birthday, sir. And your name is ... ?
QF: So aren't you going to give him something special? Like a kiss?
SR: Haha ... OK.

And she blew a kiss a to HR.

QF: Is that all? You should go nearer and kiss him on the cheek!
SR: Err (hesitating) ... sorry, but I am not interested in guys.

All of us: ????

That was kind of out of the blue. Imagine, we're almost all queers there and out of a sudden, the waitress said that she is too.

But of course, we didn't all come out to her. I suppose she could have guessed, by our very loud and boisterous manner the whole night.

She was really nice and friendly. Even though the food was quite terrible for the kind of prices we were paying, she did her best to make it a good evening for us.

The fireworks was to start at 9pm. But long before that, the area behind us were teeming with people already.

Let me describe the place that we're at. We were sitting just right beside the river, where the fireworks display was going to be, which was at the river.

As we were patrons of the restaurant and we were dining al-fresco, the area was cordoned off from the public.

Some of the pictures which I managed to take.

The beginning wasn't that great.

After the first two minutes, it got better. QF was saying that the not-so-good start was to bulid up to the finale.

And the finale of the 10-minute fireworks display. I was paying more attention to the fireworks than taking the picture, which is why the picture turned out like this ;P

Don't think I would take pictures of fireworks again as it's distracting. It's probably better to just enjoy the show and soak up the moment. If I were to take pictures as well, I can't fully concentrate on either and both would turn out mediocre - the experience and the pictures.

While I was watching the fireworks, I wished that CF was beside me.

Anyway, it's 24 hours more before he flies to Vancouver ...


FamezGAY said...

i used to watch singapore national day parade fireworks on TV when i'm in JB.. and I always think of if I can see those wonderful fireworks with my own eyes! since JB is a small town and fireworks is rare when small.. Now like huh in KL, fireworks is soo normal liao to me. But still I love to watch cause i think it is a really amazing beautiful thing on earth!

Babymic said...

Ah, welcome back and great to hear from you over the phone! Happy Belated National Day! =) Catch up soon.

Kyle said...

LOL Maybe SR is a straight but used that as an excuse to avoid phisycal waitress-customer interaction. Maybe not..

Anyway, those are some nice fireworks pics you took.

Cliff said...

I was never really into fireworks, though I imagine it would be kind of nice to watch with friends. I really like shooting stars, though, but I've only caught two in my life. Yes, nice pictures!

Derek said...

famezgay: Yeah, you can never get bored of fireworks. I can watch it a thousand times and yet still want to watch another ...

babymic: Same to ya! Same to ya! LOL

kyle: Thanks for the compliments.

But I doubt so she's straight ....

cliff: Oooh, shooting stars. Have never seen one of them before though ...