Monday, August 14, 2006

Au revoir

I know I am no poet, but still ...

I know this is corny
But you still make me horny
Though we'll be far apart
You'll always be in my heart
CF, I love you very much
So you better keep in touch!

Sayonara my dear!

Au revoir!

Farewell for now ... and safe journey.


defiant85 said...




We will all miss CF~~~

Babymic said...

Even though I dunno CF. But I know how it feels like for someone dear to you to be geographically apart. Take care =)

Anonymous said...

This is really cute. I love it!

savante said...

Awww... so swweeett


Derek said...

defiant85: I am not crying ler ... though I am missing him much.

babymic: Awww, thanks for the support. I really appreciate it.

cliff: Heh, this is kiddie stuff compared to what you write!

savante: Heh ... thanks.