Monday, July 03, 2006


I am grateful because I have

  • a wonderful family who really cares, especially my mom. But unfortunately it is something that I take for granted
  • a good job, which provides enough for me to live comfortably and to indulge my boyfriend often
  • relatively good health, though I have been coughing incessantly for the past week
  • a best friend and a group of close friends from high school, whom I know I can depend on any time
  • new found friends that I know from blogs and Fridae, whom I can rely on if I ever need anything (you guys know who you are!)
  • and last but not least, a wonderful and beautiful soul whom I can proudly call my boyfriend

I feel so lucky and grateful for the last item, that I want to list some of CF's attributes down, so that I will always remember. You guys can knock me on the head if ever I were to forget these.

1) He's cute that another blogger said that he has this "boy-boy" innocent look that he wants to do some unmentionable stuff to him. Hmmmph, no way man! Though admittedly, I know exactly what he meant!

2) He's smart and quite insightful, yet modest. He blushes in a very adorable way when praised or if he's under the spotlight

3) He's such a nice and friendly guy, so much so that he has loads of friends who will call him out and want his company, that it's difficult for me to meet him sometimes

4) Artistic and kinda emotional (the two might be related somehow), with a sensitive soul and observant mind. Musically-inclined and anime/manga crazy.

5) Understands me very well and knows what I think and feel

6) Has straight characteristics, like not showing much emotions and err ... not as romantic as I would like. Afterall, he is who is he. Nevertheless, I have learnt some valuable lessons from him, like being strong in facing adversity and in dealing with challenges.

7) Is a good listener, even better than I am (as I consider myself to be a good listener too ;P)

8) Strong in his personal beliefs, which is good and bad. But more good than bad lar. It's bad for me when I am against his views XD

9) Most importantly, he's faithful and loyal and sweet and loves me very much for who I am

It has been six months already. I had a wonderful time over the weekend and I was reminded why I love him.

Time really flies. In exactly six weeks, CF is leaving for Vancouver and I won't be seeing him for at least a year.

It's going to be really tough for me, but then as they say, good things come to those who wait.

And he's definitely worth the wait. In gold.


defiant85 said...

Who would want to do those unmentionable things to him? I'll bash him up for yea. :P

jayandkay said...

Always have faith in your relationship and no matter what happens, stand by him all the time. CF is grateful to have you and you to have him.

Having a distant relationship is not all bad either. It keeps you two closer at heart, that's for sure.

Here's wishing you two a long-lasting relationship. ;)

Babymicrophone said...

Wow, thats very sweet and I am sure you both are on cloud 9 =)

Keep working it!

JoeRy said...


too mushy for pubic viewing.
i mean public

Anonymous said...

I am already feeling quizzy all over... haha

Hugs derek! :)

- vincent

famezgay said...

wha.. wat a sweet post u dedicated for ur bf.. ! well a good guy, 1 year is definitely worth waiting for..

Derek said...

defiant85: Oooh, you know who they are, don't you? LOL

kay: Thanks so much for your well wishes and encouragement.

babymicrophone: Thanks. ;P

joery: Heh, not as sweet as the two of you!

vincent: Don't mean to make anyone feel quizzy. I just wanna express what I was feeling XD

ceusm: It's for 4 years, not 1! But still, I would wait ....

Harvey said...

Yes, that's so sweet and nice. He is what he is and very well worth your wait. :)

cain & abel said...

its really good that you know how to count your blessings. So many of us tends to take things for granted these days. I wish you more happier days ahead with your guy too!