Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hayes gay

Posted on Darren Hayes's official website.

I very rarely make comments about my private life.

But today, as I'm about to begin 6 months in the studio to record what I hope to be the best record of my career, I feel an overwhelming gratitude for the past 10 years of being a performer. Most recently, I've been moving toward a career that is more closely aligned with 'art' than it is 'commerce'. And in keeping on this trajectory - I have become increasingly more emotionally authentic in my music, writing and my relationship to my audience. As so many of you have given me your heart and soul over the past 10 years I thought it only fitting that I too return the respect and inform you of the most significant event in my life.

On June 19th 2006 I married my boyfriend of two years, Richard, in a Civil Partnership ceremony in London.

I can honestly say it was the happiest day of my life.

I feel lucky to live in an era where my relationship can be considered legally legitimate and I commend the UK Government for embracing this very basic Civil Liberty.

I'm proud of who I am, and after what felt like an eternity, I'm finally in a place where my heart is secure and content. And I can finally make sense of all of the searching.

I still maintain the belief that families and relationships are not commodities to be sold off for public consumption. In this regard, I am and will continue to be a public person with a private life.

I have always written songs about human relationships and our journey in life. I've never felt the need to differentiate or speak to a specific part of society. This hasn't changed. I will continue to write songs for everybody and hope that the feelings and thoughts I sing about are universal. Today, as I get on a plane to return to London, my head will be filled with all the future possibilities that I hope to explore musically.

To the people who buy my records, come to my shows and demonstrate on a daily basis their love and support for me and what I do: thank you.

Your overwhelming message to me lately seems to be that you are just glad that I am happy. For this, I am eternally grateful.

To my Mum, Dad, Sister and Brother - thanks for always being so cool and loving me unconditionally.

With love and respect always
Darren Hayes


Kyle said...

1st it was Gately.. not Hayes.. hmm.. Nice!

East-West said...

I had a quick glance and I thought you got married! :-)

Legolas said...

You won't believe it, but I really do have the feeling that he's gay since his first album with Savage Garden.

Derek said...

kyle: Yeah, nice. XD

I am glad for Hayes that he has found someone to spend his life with.

east-west: Hello there. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

And no, I haven't got married. If I am planning to, it would definitely be posted here. LOL

legolas: Wah leggie, your gaydar must be working extremely well then. ;P

jayandkay said...

I knew he's gay when I saw him flashed his nips in one of his concert shows. :)

Harvey said...

I had a quick glance and I thought u were the singer. Lol
That's so nice... Although we all know it's impossible for gay marriages to be legalized in Malaysia but I'm so touched that it is REALLY legalized in the other parts of the world.

Derek said...

kay: Hmmm, ok. I haven't been really watching his concerts or following his news, so I wouldn't know. Maybe he has been giving hints all these while! XD

harvey: Heh, since when I become a singer pulak? LOL

Yeah, the only way one can get married is unfortunately somewhere else, not our homeland.

Jay said...

I've stopped telling my friends already lah - I get no reaction whatsoever. No one's surprised by the news at all.

Anonymous said...

A moment there I thought you were tlakign about yourself =)

Anyway see you next week

joshua said...

aiya he is sooo obvious one la... insatiable konon

savante said...

THought you'd gotten married too at first glance. Shock of my life.

Didn't everyone know Darren's gay?


Derek said...

jay: Ok lar, maybe I was a bit slow in realising he is.

Actually, I have always thought that Daniel Jones was the one. Oh well.

anonymous: Ok. I would know who I will be meeting next week ;P

joshua: What does insatiable has to do with him being gay? XD

savante: I think I know why you guys keep thinking it was me. Sorry for not being clearer :P

Anonymous said...

OOps, sorry to leave my trace...anonymous is me.


MrBunnyBan said...

I thought it was kinda obvious. Good for him and all.