Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I think I am the last one to post this.

Anyway, we had a farewell gathering last Saturday for Mrbunnyban, who is leaving for Australia in a couple of weeks.

The twelve of us met at TGIF The Curve. CF has always wanted to try out Friday and coincidentally, Mrbunnyban wanted Western cuisine too. So that was how the decision for the venue was made.

While CF was doing his facial (his very first), I was busy shopping for some work attire. As I was leaving G2000 and headed towards the beauty salon, I bumped into Mrbunnyban. With a bad case of flu.

The three of us went to TGIF to meet the others. Paul and Leggie were there soon after, followed by Alex, Joshua, Silentside, Harvey, Queerrant and McDave, and finally Xavier.

I wasn't feeling that well either, but when a bunch of gay guys get together, it's very difficult to NOT enjoy the company and banter and jokes. The energy and enthusiasm were infectious.

I have met Harvey earlier and I am glad that he enjoyed himself, as I was the one who invited him. Didn't get to talk to him much, but I think he had a good time talking to CF about games and some other stuff. With Queerrant next to him, I don't think he would be bored.

CF was more excited to come for this gathering when he knew that there would be people around his age. Afterall, I think they would have more in common to talk about. If not, CF would be bored and I would be the one to blame in the end ;P

Silentside is really an interesting and funny person. He can be really queenie if he wants to and his acting skills is amazing. I really enjoyed his company and look forward to seeing him again. He's like an Energizer bunny. LOL

It was also the first time I met Queerrant and McDave. They really are quite a match. I knew Queerrant from Fridae last September (I think) and it was a pleasure to finally meet him. Didn't get to talk much with him but he really is a nice chap with some very skanky ideas.

Last but not least is Xavier. When he arrived, he was regaling us with his misadventures of the day, which involved him going commando. Also, apparently he has been experiencing quite a bit of Love Luck. He is really funny too, with his big actions and facial expressions.

CF was in a bit of a foul mood, but he seemed to have cheered up a little after the facial. So I was spending quite a bit of time and effort to make sure he was enjoying himself.

Which he did. Though the wine in his steak kinda reversed his cheerfulness a little.

Overall I had a good time. I didn't talk much, as my hacking cough got in the way. I have met the others before and managed to catch up with happenings in their lives.

More than half the time, I was listening more and talking less. Cough, cough!

We left about half past twelve, after the second half of the England vs Portugal match had started. Yeah, I shouldn't be knowing which teams were playing and that sort of things, but I do! ;P

I was really glad to be able to meet Bunnyban one last time before he leaves. I think you will do fine there and it will be a great learning experience about life and people.

All the best to you in Australia! We will definitely miss you. *hugs*

P/S A big thank you to Alex and Xavier for organising this ;P


defiant85 said...

Awwww. CF was in bad mood? Poor guy.

And its not "some" skanky ideas. Its "lots of" skanky ideas. :P

Alex said...

Thanks for suggesting and helping out.... I think we all gays love gathering...

Glad you all had a good time...

confusticated said...

i think EVERYONE enjoys a little fun. except that us queer folk know how to enjoy ourselves a little better. hooh.

Harvey said...

Hohoho, I was forcing CF to eat my food as I couldn't finish it. Oh o, I hope I didn't contribute to his foul mood as I was sitting right next to him. CF~ I'm so sorry, please forgive me~~~

Jushie said... many AJ bloggers in KL? I wanna be in KL too!!!

No one here in Melb :(

Derek said...

defiant85: Heh ... blowing your own trumpet?

alex: I didn't do much anyway. We should thank YOU.

i.w.a.o: Yeah, that's so true. LOL

harvey: Nah, don't worry, it's not because of that. Or is it your fault either. No worries, harvey.

jushie: I am sure there is. Just have to search harder and really kick open the closets ;P

Xavier said...

hey, hahaha, was a fun meet aint it, sorry for being late again, it was all becos of the commando! and the bodyknits too ;p

nice meeting u, THE blogger ;p

yw[2k] said...

So when is the next AJ-blogger meeting ah?

I shooo... Wanna go!