Thursday, January 01, 2009

Two oh oh nine

Another year, another beginning of all things good. A new hope; a new dawn.

I suppose new years force us to think back and reflect. Going through the paces of life, sometimes we forget who and what we are and where we are going. A changing of a digit makes us pause and take a breather.

As I don't really like crowds, I spent New Year's Eve at home, cuddled with a book. I really want to catch up on my reading; there are too many books which are yet to be flipped open on my shelves.

My New Year's was pretty uneventful. I would say downright boring and inappropriate start to 2009. I was behind my desk in the office for a good 5 hours. It was indeed unfortunate, but it was necessary.

After that, I went to indulge in my favourite past time. I caught Seven Pounds, starring Will Smith. The phrase was taken from the Bible, if I am not wrong; seven pounds of flesh. The story was indeed interesting, but it takes just a little too long to get to the main point.

Still, the cast all did a great job in their roles. Clocking at 2 hours, it didn't feel that long as the actors and actresses carried their roles very well. I was kept guessing till the final 30 minutes of the movie.

To all my readers, wishing you a very Happy New Year 2009. May the year bring you

and hope you enjoy life in all its multitude of colours.


[SK] said...

happy new year.. hope you have a great 2009 ahead..

Queer Ranter said...

Happy 2009 to you Derek. :)

Ban said...

Happy nude year, derek!

earthrooster said...

happy new year to you too derek!

Derek said...

Thank you all for the wishes! Hugs and kisses.