Monday, December 29, 2008

A Christmas dinner to remember

On Christmas day itself, I finally get to meet Nyk and SK at 3.00 pm. I was a little upset that I didn't get to spend more time with him, as he arrived in Singapore on the day before. The irony, so near yet so far. I know he has to spend time with his family and all and I shouldn't be so selfish but still ....

Anyway, it was better than nothing. One should be grateful for life's little blessings, no?

We just walked around a bit in Marina Square. I showed him the jacket that I wanted from Zara, which was on sale. Sat down for coffee and then it was time to meet with Will and his boyfriend Stan for dinner.

Will brought us to this place near Outram Park MRT called 8 Cafe. It was a nice and cozy little restaurant. There was a Christmas set and all of us ordered different main courses.

The food was great and we also had a bottle of wine. The food was a fusion of Chinese and Western. I would definitely go there again.

Of course, the company for the evening was the highlight. Will was his usual charming and funny self, regaling us with stories of his hot students. Besides, it was wonderful to know more about him. Stan was a little quiet, but I suppose he is just shy.

This was the first time Will met Nyk and I together. Previously, he had only met us on separate occasions.

Thanks again for an excellent dinner, Will!

With that, I bade Nyk farewell as he has to return to KL the next day. It was short, but it was sweet.


Ban said...

Too short? Haiyo... *hugs!*

Have a haaaaaappy new year!

William said...

"So near yet so far". Sorry baby...

I was very happy seeing you... I still remember when you manja me outside the restaurant while we were waiting for the table to be set. :)