Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shopping and ginseng

Yesterday I was out with my ex-colleague. We were doing some catching up and at the same time, she wanted to get a shirt for her boyfriend. Apparently, he only has whites, blacks and greys. Not surprisngly, she wanted something to brighten up his wardrobe.

She saw this white red shirt with white stripes at Banana Republic, which is very outstanding and eye-catching. Unfortunately, they only have size 17 left, which is an XL size. I usually wear M but for their label, a 14 suits me just fine.

So she has to choose something else for her boyfriend. We continued looking but in the end, her purse was not unopened. Instead it was me who was carrying shopping bags. I bought a striped pink and purple polo T for Chinese New Year and a T-shirt from Celio for Nyk.

For today, I had to wake up early to go for tui na, which is a form of Chinese massage which works on acupressure points. PL's mom has been doing this for a long time and we decided to engage her services. The appointment was fixed at 11pm for both MJ and me.

I usually have a stiff shoulder and back due to hours sitting at the desk facing the PC. So tui na is supposed to loosen the muscles and get the blood flowing and the nerves firing again.

It was a 1 hour session and I was told it was going to be painful. Yes, it was painful at certain points, like when she pressed my butt cheeks (apparently there is this point in the center of the butt cheek which is really painful when pressed but it clears up some nerves somewhere) and behind my knee (the soft part right behind; apparently its due to walking or standing too much).

It was painful but bearable. I did let out a soft moan or two but I did feel good after that. I could feel the muscles relaxed and loosened. Still, the prognosis for me was so good; there are some blockages somewhere in my body.

She noted that my hands and legs are colder than it should be which means that blood circulation is not as it should be. These extremities are colder to the touch than the rest of my body.

The solution is return for a few more sessions of tui na and to eat "healing" food, like chicken essence and ginseng. And of course to return for a few more sessions.

Looks like I have to upgrade my life to a tai-tai from now on as I have to feast on this sort of delicacies and go for massages. Who wants to buy me ginseng and massage vouchers? ;-)


Queer Ranter said...

Someone had quite a day hmmm?

William said...

Save money. Lemme squeeze those ass cheeks.

watanabe said...

Do you mind giving the address of the treatment premise? I would like to try tui na myself!