Saturday, December 22, 2007

Doing it again

I can now understand why people would do things again, like rereading a book or watching a movie again.

I am not one to do such a thing, unless I find the movie or book to be extremely good or very moving, which is rare. I mean, what's the point of going through it again as the ending or conclusion is already known?

I suppose it's the journey and not the destination that matters.

I have reread one of the Harry Potter books though, but that was because I have forgotten some parts of the plot and what has transpired earlier.

Anyway, on Wednesday, I had the opportunity to watch the Golden Compass again, this time courtesy of my company's generosity as we were treated to Gold Class seats.

I thought I would have fallen asleep on those comfy reclining chairs with blankets provided, but no, I was quite enraptured with the movie.

Watching it again, I was able to observe some small details which I missed and to take in the story more acutely. It seemed as though I was watching it for the very first time.

And I must admit, it was pretty good and the story was quite cohesive though still a little rushed from one scene to another. My earlier opinion that those who didn't read the book wouldn't completely grasp the story, in retrospect, seem hasty.

Though from the lackluster box office receipts in the U.S., it does appear that a second movie is unlikely and to find out what happens one would have to read the books.

About books, I was reading one of the books which I bought earlier, which was SQ21: Singapore Queers in the 21st Century. It is a compilation of real-life stories of Singaporeans who shared part of their life stories. As I was reading it, it still stirred some emotions, which caught me by surprise a little.

I am always keen on trying out new things, reading new books, catching the latest movies but now I realised that perhaps revisiting the familiar is not so bad after all, as it could be a whole new experience again.


Magus_Young said...

Dearest D, anyways I can get my hands on SQ21? Can loan r... :P

Derek said...

magus: You can ask your sis-in-law for it hehe

Jaded_Jeremy said...

Well said. I too felt the second time around was better. I thought maybe because my expectation was better managed.

The Gold Class seat was so comfy! But no way I'm gonna pay for it :-)