Monday, December 24, 2007

Will the real metrosexual please stand up?

One of colleagues from another department, J, was going to Taiwan and I asked a favour from her, which is to buy a bottle of toner for me.

Not that it is a very special toner, it's from Neutrogena but just that I haven't seen that range in Singapore.

Colleague J: One bottle is enough? You don't want to stock up?
Me: I think one bottle should be enough. Can last me about six months.
Colleague J: So long? I usually finish one bottle in three months.
Me: You sure? Maybe your bottle is smaller?

Anyway, me being a little kiasu, I asked my own department's colleagues.

Me: So how long does your bottle of toner? More than three months?
Colleague K: Real men don't use toner.
Me: *rolls eyes*
Intern L: Huh? My boyfriend thinks the same. He doesn't use toner either.
Me: Let me guess. If he doesn't use toner, I suppose me he still uses soap?
Intern L: Yeah, he does. And I always tell him it's too dry on the face.
Me: It is! (my voice was a little high pitch with exasperation!)

In case it isn't obvious, K is a guy and L is a girl.

So it got me wondering, where are all the metrosexuals that are mentioned in the media? Are they just a myth?

Are they really just gay guys whom straight colleagues think are fabulous and beauty conscious?

Clearly they don't exist in my company, or at least in my department.

Needless to say, I am the designated "metrosexual" since I go to facials.

For my department's gift exchange / secret santa, I was asked what do I prefer. Nothing specific of course, but I was thinking about things like books, shirts, etc.

Instead, I asked what do they think I would want.

ALL of them said they would get me some beauty products like facial wash or something from Body shop.

And I did end up with something from Body Shop.

A very Merry Christmas to you, dear reader! *hugs*


daniel henry said...

merry christmas! and a blessed new year!

aconfusedboy said...

"all the metrosexuals that are mentioned in the media" is a ploy to get more guys to get in touch with their metrosexual side (that's what i thought :P)

some of my straight guy friends are metro tho but i myself, aint one (i'm such a failed gay haha). altho the fraction of metro straight guys is rather small (from all the guys i know, at least)

anyway a merry christmas and happy new year to you Derek! :)

Queer Ranter said...

I think I'm a victim of mass advertising by Daniel Wu... I wanna try the new Loreal for men product. :P

Any reviews on it?

savante said...

Using soup?! SOUP!

Derek said...

daniel henry: Thanks! You too! ;P

aconfusedboy: So it's really a ploy after all? Sometimes I even feel that the ladies in my company are just as traditional, with very fixed conformist roles of men and women.

Sigh ....

queer ranter: NO, don't! Nyk and Cheryl will tell you that there's basically nothing in their products. It's a lot of chemicals and they're using Daniel Wu as poster boy to get people like you to fall for it!

savante: Thanks Paul, it's corrected, you English teacher you. ;P

Jaded_Jeremy said...

What does a toner do? :-)

William said...

The problem is, some str8 guys look fabulous though they don't go for facials and stuff...

It will make you fabulously gay!

Jason said...

Er.. I don't use toner too...