Sunday, May 20, 2007

Year 2007, Week 20

Nothing much has happened since my last post.

Watched Spiderman 3 last Friday. Quite disappointing actually. Not much character development and to make it top the earlier two movies, the producers just threw in more villains. Like more villains and more action make a movie better.

Venom was so unnecessary. He appeared like what, in the last 15 minutes of the show so that he can share some Spiderman-bashing time with Sandman. And speaking of Sandman, the character is weak. The sudden U-turn in the character at the end of the movie was unconvincing.

Basically, the movie is the weakest of the three. Too many subplots and trying to do too many things within 140 minutes. Although the ending doesn't shout an impending Part 4, it is quite likely. Typical Hollywood to milk a franchise as much as it can.

The next big blockbuster movie I will be watching is Pirates of the Caribbean. I seriously hope that it is much better and lives up to its hype. At almost three hours long (yes, even longer than Spiderman), I hope it ties up all the loose ends with a satisfactory ending.

Oh yeah, I bought tickets to watch a gay play, called Happy Endings: Asian Boys Volume 3 on 21st July. Quite expensive really; it came to $40 even after 20% discount.

*trying to recall what else*

Ooh, ooh! While I was at dinner yesterday at Tony Roma's, I screamed quite loudly in shock when the piece of chicken that James was feeding me fell into a bowl of baked beans.

Benji exclaimed, "Now everybody knows you are gay!"

I don't mind actually. I don't mind at all ;P And it was actually quite funny and we laughed out loud .....

And I can't wait for the Singapore Sale to start next week! So many things to buy! In fact, many shops are already on sale!


Kai Ting said...

Singapore sales? when?? I wanna go~

Magus_Young said...

I tot otherwise sista D, i felt this one has more to do with "closure" :P


savante said...

Chicken fall into baked beans means gay?

Queer Ranter said...


I've heard you scream. I would know.

FAG~~~ :P