Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Love prevails

He is going through a very rough patch now. I feel so helpless to be not able to do anything. Though in reality, I can't do anything anyway.

Aarrgh ... it's so frustrating.

I have to be strong for him. I have to be patient for him.

I pray for strength for him. For me. For us.

Finally we managed to meet before I go back to Singapore. All thanks to his best friend who helped us out.

I feel very reluctant to go back, with all that has happened since 24 hours ago. I really wish I could stay for another day or two, but I know there's only so much I can do.

Yet obviously I wish I could do more.

But when I heard him say that what I have done was beyond his expectations, I smiled. It's the least I can do actually.

Yes, these challenges have brought us closer together. I realised I can be the provider too - to be the rock in these tumultuous times and in this journey we call life, as you have been for me.



Andy Kuramoto said...

I'm totally clueless as to what's going on. Please explain

Defiant85 said...

There there.


Its like watching a tournament. We can only cheer him from the stands.

Magus_Young said...

Hugs Sista D, both of you always in my prayers. W got chop "SIRIM" liaw. My greatest confidence that the both of you will sail through this rough sea.

Anyways got drama then you relationship more syok mah hor, Will Hor? ngam bor? heheh

Sista A

BTW, Sista C got blog but in chinese leh..

Kit Pan said...

There always sacrifice to make when you in love, either is big or small. Love can bring you closer to your own heart, may it be forever or just a blink of seconds, though both have to be the same direction.

Derek, friends does make some difference when you seeking for a bf, but the most significant effect is come from you, plainly say, what you want? Maybe you already have the answer.

Take care.

William said...

"The first wave has not broken and already another wave comes".

You have exceeded all my expectations. You are truly there for me. As I hope to be for you. Never doubt that.

savante said...

Hey, we all go through trials and tribulations especially in relationships. Hang in there :)

Ban said...

Hey, hope things work out. Wish I was around to pitch in, whatever it is that's going on.

Derek said...

andy: I already did ;P

defiant85: Thanks dear. We appreciate it.

magusyoung: I know drama adds excitement, but some type of drama we can do without ler ;P

kitpan: Thanks. Very deep leh ;P

william: I know dear, I know *hugs*

savante: Thanks a lot *huggies*

ban: I think you should know now what's going on. Thanks *hugs*

黑暗的太阳神 said...

All these just can prove the love in between you and him. Happy to know that he get someone who love him so much... continue the path since it just the beginning.. still the long way to go.