Thursday, June 22, 2006

Eye candy

Last Saturday was my company's Family Day. It was held at Sentosa. We were divided into a few teams and had to move from one place to place to play games with health-related themes. For example, we had to match food with the amount of fat they contain, eat so-called scary and horrible but yet healthy food like bitter gourd, etc.

Basically easy stuff. Have to skip a bit, jump a little, run for a while. ;P

Anyway, that was not the point of this post. What I wanted to share is that out of the seven tasks we had to do, my team missed out one. As in, we didn't even go to that station at all, where we were supposed to get wet either by playing frisbee (I have no idea how) or kayaking.

A bit unlucky, as that station was manned by two guys. Cute ones, I might add. All the other stations were manned (womanned?) by girls.

Needless to say, I only found out about this after the whole thing was over.

We gathered after that and while waiting for the results to be announced, we had lunch. I went to the bathroom to well ... use the bathroom and who should I see?

Yup, the two of them. One was tall, about six feet, with glasses but he doesn't have the nerdy look. The other one was shorter but still quite good-looking.

To me, the taller one was cuter. And he was shirtless. ;P

They were both talking and I was washing my hands at the basin, I could see them in the mirror which was in front of me.

I was thinking of staying longer so that I might drool at admire his nice and well-defined body. No other way but to strike up a conversation.

"Hmmm, so the two of you were in charge of the kayaking task? My team missed out on that ler."

"Yeah, we were. How come you missed it? It was very fun .... "

"Yeah, too bad. So how come you're taking shower here? May I join? Aren't you going home after this?"

"No, we are going out somewhere."

So far, it was the cuter one who has been talking. Not sure whether they are gay or better still a couple, as they do make quite a cute pair but it didn't matter.

The point was that I got to stare admire longer.

I went home pretty tired and with a little something which I won during the lucky draw.

That was indeed a memorable day.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you had an eventful outing. I bet it was fun. My office is filled with ugly old aunties and uncles. None of them look remotely attractive, let alone a cute guy who will bare his body in the toilet.

To compensate, I have to make a trip down to mox once in a while to drool at cute men.


- Chee Kam

Babymic said...

"Yeah, too bad. So how come you're taking shower here? May I join? Aren't you going home after this?"

I like the way you crossed May I Join out! Cracks me up! Haha

Anyway where did you come from? You are not singaporean?

famezgay said...

duhz... uhmnn guess the one who have been talking is the bottom ekekee.. OOoops.. Well not sure abt their sexuality also lar ekke cannot assume also uhmnn..

hrugaar said...

Chatting up shirtless guys in the bathroom now? Dear me, Singapore has made you brazen. ;oP

Cybertron said...

ermm u din miss la. u still saw der 2 of them wor. hehehe... anyway dats d best part eh... geting to know cute guys in d bathroom some more.

Jay said...

You mean you were hanging around hoping to see them at the urinals. Don't worry, I do it all the time. :-p

savante said...

How skanky! :)

But the thought of family day still gives me the shivers. Avoid them as much as I can.


Derek said...

chee kam: Ooh, Mox. Haven't been there on a weekend before.

babymic: I have replied personally to you ;P

ceusm: Yeah lar, how can you assume like that?

Though I personally think the other one was the uke. LOL

hrugaar: Nah, I would have done that even if I was in Malaysia ;P

cibetronic: Well, I didn't actually know them. More like a hi and bye thing.

jay: Unlike you, that was never my intention. ;P

paul: Nah, they can be quite fun as well.