Wednesday, July 09, 2008

These boots are made for walking

I have been looking for a pair of sneakers or walking shoes for the past three weeks. My current Adidas one which was bought back in 2005 causes my feet to ache after wearing them, so I suppose it’s time for it to go.

The expensive MBT shoes which I bought a year ago have a tear on its sole. I wanted to get it fixed but the Singapore distributor has just been changed and they are sorting their things out. Hence, I have to wait a month or so before I could get them to do something.

Basically, I needed an excuse to shop a pair of work shoes and casual shoes.

Initially I wanted to get another pair of Adidas. I quite like their sneakers, with their trademark three stripes on the side. Went into every Adidas shop that I passed by and saw a pair which I quite like at Parkway Parade. But unfortunately, it is a size too big.

The search continued. I even went to Queensway where I first bought the Adidas shoes. That place is well known for selling shoes and other sport-related equipment. I think I saw dozens of shoes but sad to say none was to my liking. I am not sure whether it is due to cost-cutting or something else, but the shoes didn’t feel as comfortable. Most of them felt inferior to the touch.

Thus, it was a failed mission.

Finally, after all the hard work I bought a pair of Rockport work shoes last weekend. I quite like Rockport (thanks Ry!) and I already have a pair of their shoes.

So half of the mission is completed.

The remaining half of the task was solved on Sunday. I bought a pair of Reebok walking shoes called Rainwalker. Apparently they are water-proof, but the main reason I bought them is because of the excellent sole cushioning which is made of air. The air flows from the heel to the front of the feet as my feet on the ground.

The Rainwalker shoes cost S$139. I contemplated buying online from a U.S. store, thinking that it would be cheaper but there wasn't much difference in price.

Said one review, “Good shoe, but too much air cushioning - These shoes are taking a while to get used to. In the pictures you can't tell this, but this shoe has a thick sole, that bulges slightly outward and is mostly made of air. When you are walking in these shoes, the air cushioning is overpowering to the degree that it feels like you are walking on springs

Yes, they are indeed bouncy, but they are really comfortable.

So now, I have two new additions to the shoe cabinet ;-)


Jaded_Jeremy said...

No size for me. Sheesh. Discrimination.

JoeRy said...

rockport belonged to Adidas now....Hehehe
i've got 2 pair of Rockport, they are really comfy and another pair of less formal work shoes. Let's not start about those sneakers.

Derek said...

Jaded Jeremy: It's not discrimination. Just wrong section. haha

joery: You have many pairs of Adidas sneakers?