Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nyk's visit

Another long period between my last post and this one.

So let's see, what happened in between? Nyk came down for a long-awaited visit and spend three nights with me. We went to the Singapore Zoo as I had free tickets. It was a humid day, made worse by the fact that almost half the Singapore population was there. Well, not really but it felt that way as it was the school holidays and it was also Blood Donors Day and blood donors got free admission.

Still, it was quite fun to look at the animals. Some of them look pitiful though, like the polar bears. They look thin and their fur seem to be falling off as we could see the black skin underneath.

The next day was a Sunday and we went mattress-hunting as Jaded Jeremy needed a bouncier and firmer mattress to sleep on and etc. I brought them to Ikea and let them had their first taste of their famous Swedish meat balls and friend chicken. Nyk loved them!

We went to this quite rundown place called Katong Mall for Japanese dinner. The restaurant was called Wahiro and the menu was extensive. It had a very authentic feel to it. The food was quite good though I would prefer Hamoru in Suntec City.

Other than that, other days have been mostly work. And more work. Last weekend was mostly spent at home to rest as I didn't feel like going out anywhere.

It is currently the Great Singapore Sale. I haven't bought much of anything yet. Which is so unlike me. Heh.

Oh, but I did go shopping for shoes yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't find a pair which I like. There was a couple which I think were quite nice, but they were really expensive.

I need a break. Though I am not mentally-exhausted yet, but a break would be great. So I look forward to my trip to Bangkok in two weeks time!


Imeku said...

I have not gotten any thing from sg slats yet. But I bought from kl and shanghai. Keep looking and you will find it. From my iPod touch at KLIA.

Jaded_Jeremy said...

Katong Mall is hardly rundown. Yes, you need a break. Exercise regularly as it is a good way to destress, keeping fit and to lose...err nevermind ;-)

William said...

Why use "3 nights" instead of "3 days"? ;P. Can't wait for the trip too!! Our first!

Zemien said...

Who doesn't love the swedish meatBALLs? :D

savante said...

Looking for bouncier mattresses? MUAHAHAHA>