Saturday, July 19, 2008

The cat is out of the bag Pt I

I thought today would be just another normal working day with the usual Monday blues.

I was wrong.

Not long after I sat down at my desk, my colleague PL said "I went to your *social network* profile. How come you only have pictures of yourself? No girlfriend photo? And one other photo taken with a guy? Who is he?"

"Just a friend."

"And you look horrible in those photos. Except for the main picture."

"Fine, fine. I will put up new ones when I am free."

"Oh, do you have an English name?"

"No I don't."

I have no idea where this was leading to so I changed the subject to shoes. I told her about the shoes I bought.

Lunch time came. PL, MJ and I went for lunch. Usually we have lunch in a bigger group but somehow for today, it is just the three of us.

I have always wanted to try out this new place called OchaCha. It serves green tea in all its permutations and variety. Think of it like the green tea version of Starbucks.

I ordered the tuna wasabe sandwich. It doesn't look like much, but it was quite filling. The tuna has a hint of wasabi and the taste goes well with the tuna. I also had a green tea latte.

PL: Do you treat us as friends or colleagues?

Me: I think of you as colleagues and friends. Heck, we just went for karaoke last week.

PL: But friends and colleagues different.

Me: Well, I would say that some of our colleagues I would just consider them as colleagues. But you guys are friends as well.

MJ: Hey, ask us ask us. Ask how come it is only the three of us today?

Me: Hmmm, I don't know why. It is because you have something to tell us? You finally got a boyfriend?

MJ: No la ....

Me: Oh, you are getting married!

MJ: Of course not.

ME: Then why?

PL: Should we tell him? Think better not la.

MJ: We should. I feel that he should know that we know.

PL: But I can pretend that I didn't know.

MJ: No you can't. How can you pretend that you don't know when you DO know?

This goes on for another minute or so.

PL: You tell him then.

MJ: So could you guess what is it that we know? *looking at me*

Me: Errr .... no.

MJ: We know your deepest darkest secret.

To be continued ....


Alex said...

Oh my Zeus!

William said...

So what if the know your panty fetish? :P

NotHamsap said...

panty fetish? hmm that sounds exotic!

oh by the way, they seemed to be playing a mind game with you??

now i am interested in the second part of the story! update update!!


quicksilverlining said...

usually the best way to squeeze a secret out of someone is to say you know it, then they will gasp, "you know about the mangkuk fetish?!"

huzzah for reverse psychology or something!

Jaded_Jeremy said...

"We know your deepest darkest secret."

...that you like to live in dark places with curtain, windows and door closed. Big deal ;-)

Derek said...

alex: Yeah, quite scary at the time LOL

william: What panty fetish? I don't like panties! Blek

nothamsap: Nothing exotic le! ;-)

qsl: Good idea. But don't think they would fall for that.

jeremy: It's not that OK?