Sunday, June 08, 2008


Oh my poor blog. How terrible of you to have been ignored and not updated for so long!

But really, it couldn't be helped. Work has been terribly hectic, with me leaving the office after the sun has set and no earlier than 10 p.m. The past three weeks revolved around work, work and more work!

Heck, even my exam was postponed twice! I wanted to take it during the Wesak Day weekend, but couldn't. Then it was supposed to be last weekend. That wasn't meant to be either. It is kind of lucky of me as the exam is online-based and could be taken anytime. But still my exam plans did get screwed up.

As a result, I haven't been watching that many movies. I only watched five. Ironman was great, an unexpected sleeper hit. Harold & Kumar was funny, in a very gross (a lot of breasts!) and straight way. Accuracy of Death has an interesting storyline and a yummy Takeshi Kaneshiro doesn't hurt. Taxidermia was weird but in a good way, with a fire-shooting penis in its first three minutes a prelude to more weirdness.

And I haven't seen my dear for ages. There were times when I miss him badly, missing his kisses and touch. I really wish he could make it next week!

Till the next post.


Jaded_Jeremy said...

Only 5 movies? Only??

William said...

Yes, 5 is actually relatively little for my dear KH.

I miss you too! I hope the stars will align for us...

Ban said...

Haiyoyo... Dun neglect the bf ok... ;)

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