Sunday, April 27, 2008

New abode

Just a little update.

I have moved into my current abode since last Saturday. It has been fun thus far. Nothing too drastically different. I have fully unpacked my stuff a couple of days ago.

Went for swims a couple of times but haven't started using the rest of the amenities like squash and tennis courts.

I have also been doing the usual house-moving things i.e. buying things. I have bought a stand fan and a stand of drawers. Still need a couple of more things.

Travelling to works takes slightly longer now. The walking distance to the MRT station has increased but the MRT ride time has gone down. But the 15 minute walk everyday is good for me as I have been working late this past week and haven't done much exercise.

It is indeed quite liberating to be able to not have restrictions on the topic of conversations. To know someone who understands exactly where I am coming from.

I am contented ;-)


Jaded_Jeremy said...

Is this a sanitised version of what you actually want to say? ;-)

William said...

Let's hear the other version!

Sam said...

Oh, glad you finally sorted out your lodgings - away from the landlord's mother and brother. :D