Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Stupid straight men

In Singapore's issue of Men's Health, there appeared this letter which idiocy, insensitivity and insecurity of its writer leaves me dumbfounded.

Thank you for putting a shirt on your models on the covers. You don't know how much that means to me. I have been reading Men's Health since October 2005 and when I carry it around, I'm always a bit embarrassed about holding a magazine with a shirtless guy on the cover. Covering up your cover guy really helps!

According to his logic, it is embarrassing for gals to hold magazines with skimpily-clothed females on the cover.

Hello, there are female readers too for Men's Health, however few they may be. They might enjoy looking at the cover.

Phhhptt .... straight men.


William said...

Give me a shirtless hunk any day. :P

Queer Ranter said...


Whisper said...

If the sight of shirtless guys
bloomed a blush on his cheeks;
The mere thought of jockless boys
must rip the bonds of his raging prick!

savante said...

Gosh. That is what I call insecurity. What's wrong with the shirtless bits!